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Tuesday 24 November 2009

Travel : Oxford - Enstone - England - UK

Hey guys! We've been planning on traveling and as soon as we knew it, we left for Oxford by car! Drove to Calais, France; Took the channel tunnel train which takes 35 minutes to get to Folkestone in England and we have something for you from Oxford City

Pictured (above) : Oxford University is famous in the detective thriller, Inspector Morse; Its just breathtaking to view these historical buildings up-close.

Pictured (above) : I love this view best! It's part of the University of Oxford.

Pictured (above) : Oxford Library, the look of this building sends thrills down your spine like some mystery mayhem revolving around it. (Vampires maybe[chuckles])

 Pictured (above) : Here's the very "old" restaurant pub in Oxford.

Pictured (above) : Oxford city is worth visiting. The kind gentleman known as the City Crier was kind enough to have his picture taken with me (Columnist of Ratianda)

Check out Enstone, Oxfordshire while you're here!

Pictured (above) : This is the best shot I've spotted while I was visiting. Very very interesting. Plus, it's not a restaurant! It's in the neighbourhood alright. Very unique and different! I'd give 5 stars to whoever that owns this idea.

Well here's a brief review on Oxford City

Oxford is in England or the United Kingdom (UK).
Oxford IS also in Oxfordshire. (Now I'm confused - laughs)

The best part : Former President Clinton studied for one year right here in Oxford!

Just FYI : Enstone is a village in Oxfordshire.

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