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Wednesday 21 November 2018

Eco-Wellness Sanctuary at Bandar Botanic Klang Malaysia

When you have been working day-to-night around-the-clock everyday, sometimes you need to rejuvenate, relax and refresh yourself to have neutralize negative energy into a positive one! Even in parenting and motherhood, it's good to unwind and just take yourself out for a good pamper session.

Today, I had the opportunity to unwind and relax my body, mind and soul in Eco-Wellness Sanctuary at Bandar Botanic, Klang.

It was truly an experience fit for a queen! I was really treated with care during my session and the place is really spacious and just have that feel good factor! Upon entering the main entrance, I was amazed at it's wide interiors and welcoming aura. 

We were given slippers to change and a bucket to place our shoes in a bag.

Then we were led into the massage area where they had different segments, upon entry was for the male for foot soak, hand spa, body massage, body scrub; 

There was another door inside that led to the female section for the same spa services. 

It was my first time seeing an establishment such as this with different section split up for different genders. This makes it safer for us females and also its a plus point for the males because very rare you will find a wellness spa centre that caters a section just for gents. However, rest assured, everything in this establishment is completely 110% clean! No hanky panky k...

If you wanted to be treated like pure royalty, they even have an exclusive VIP room with built-in audio and TV for your leisure while relaxing your body as the masseur massages your tired body.

That's not all, we were led upstairs to the massage area and sauna.

Because we were there at late evening, it felt like we booked the whole place for ourselves.

So we were guided to remove our attires to change to a towel wrap and spa robes.

I sat inside the Far Infrared Ray Sauna for 45 minutes-full body (worth RM128), it was my first time experiencing this and the logic behind this, was to warm the body up, to allow for smoother blood flow and also to dispel and toxic from the body through our sweat, at the same time it opens up our pores so that the next Organic Aromatherapy massage session; our body can dispel more wind and toxins, at the same time absorb the goodness of the massage oil. 

In fact, this technology helps to eliminate 7 times more toxins than traditional saunas and burns up to 900 calories in one session. 45 minutes inside the sauna passed quickly because me and my friend chatted away and just enjoy each others company.

After that, we were advised to take a quick bath to feel refreshed for the aromatherapy massage. I had some fun selfie moments with the hairdryer at their dressing room with the huge mirror!

We then got to enjoy another 60 minutes (worth RM88) of Organic Aromatherapy massage. I could choose Lavender oil or Peppermint oil, so I chose Peppermint because I'd love to get those wind out of my body.

The masseur was really good! She did try to control her strength and told me to tell her if I want it softer or harder. I just went with the flow instead, because she was doing a good job. 

Especially targeting my back area near my neck, she said I have a stiff neck and my arms and hands frequently hurt due to my back too. So she helped to relax the muscles abit and prior to the massage session, the whole morning, my right side at the back was aching like I sprained it or overstretched it. But after the massage session it felt better again!

After the massage, we were treated with their Green Tea and we could put our attire back to head home.

It was truly relaxing and welcoming to be here. I may even go back again with my husband. Apparently you can bring your partner along and enjoy your spa session together but the only thing is, it will be done at the male section of the centre because they prohibit any male from entering the female area due to personal privacy. Or just opt. for the VIP section, it's sufficient enough!

Their price range is pretty good too! 
Now they are having a promotion for the following :

There even have a good range of skincare and household eco-friendly products on their shelf display.

Overall I'd give this establishment 
4 and a half star, because I'd felt that they could turn on some relaxing music during the Far Infrared Ray Sauna 45 minutes session. Or maybe they thought it will be too noisy for me and my friend to chat. But soft music will be good to pass time with inside, especially if I were alone. But overall, it was great!

I'll definitely be back again with my husband.

For more info :
Eco-Wellness Sanctuary

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