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Wednesday 14 November 2018

Wine & Dine with Beringer Winederlust with Levy Li

Tonight was a luxurious event where I was able to experience dining with the very beautiful, inspiring and talented Levy Li. Whom, she shared her travels tips with us tonight as we dine in winederlust with Beringer Vineyard.

When I first arrived at 6th Senses Gastrobar, it was a breathtaking sight as I have never ventured to this venue before and was amazed at it's interior decor that truly brings about the exquisite and exclusivity of dining with the finest quality of food and wine.

Whilst awaiting for the other guests to arrive, I couldn't help but snap a few selfie moments in this beautiful venue. We were served with a cooling cucumber lemonade and lime drink that was really refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Shortly after waiting for awhile (because I went there too early-was too excited lah), the event started with the very beautiful and talented host Levy Li who is also a mother herself and an entrepreneur; who sat right infront of me at my table! It was truly an honour to dine and wine together with this inspiring lady.

She started off with introducing herself and sharing some travel tips that we can learn and even plan for in the near future for our ownself and for our family. Bangkok was the main attraction that she highlighted today and it was just in time because I miss Bangkok so much! I would love to go there again but this time with my family!

Levy's travelling experience is one that's envious as she's explored everything from the monuments of Florence, Italy; meeting K-pop stars in Seoul, Korea; yet there is nothing that she loves more than travelling to the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand.

After her first session of sharing, we were presented with the first dish of the day that is the appetizer that is to be paired with the Beringer wine.

Lemon Coriander Vinaigrette Prawn Salad
This is made with greens salad, cherry tomatoes drizzle, lemon coriander vinaigrette, grilled prawns with Beringer Founders' Estate Sauvignon Blanc

It was really light and easy to munch on to prepare my tummy for the main meal, when pair with the white wine, it brings out a unique flavour and makes this dish more appealing. The wine itself has a refreshing grapefruit flavor enhanced with an intense citrus, ripe stone fruit and white fig. The win finishes with a clean grassy note and crisp acidity making it a perfect match for citrus salad, grilled fish or even goat cheese. With one sip, it really has that citrus type of zesty taste to its texture and it's fragrance.

Cream of Chicken Soup
Homemade chicken broth with light cream and served with chicken, potatoes, carrots, toast with Beringer Napa Valley Chardonnay. The soup is really flavorful and fragrant. 

When paired with the white wine of the Beringer Napa Valley Chardonnay, it brings a stronger citrus and fruity aroma, while it leads to a more medium, rounded mouthfeel highlighted with flavors of lemon creme, toasted almonds and balanced acidity. In layman terms, it is is medium to strong and the taste linger in your mouth. It's slightly richer than the first wine.

Slow Braised Pork Belly
Slow braised pork belly with herbs, pumpkin puree, mushroom ragout, roasted cauliflower head, apple chips, pistachio nuts with Beringer Founders' Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. I just had to pick this main dish for myself because I've always wanted to know how it's like to pair pork belly with wine! And it was the best choice I would say. Because of the meaty texture and it is slow braised with sweet sauce marination, it matches very well with the Beringer Founders' Estate Cabernet Sauvignon red wine. 

The wine brings about a flavour of rich red fruit characteristics, enriched with toasted oak and spice from aging on French oak. It has that really fragrant scent that doesn't sting your nose but it smooth at the same time and very appealing. At a sip it is sweet and then it changes texture to a fruity rich flavour that lingers in your mouth and on your tongue. I love this the most and pairing it with meat was really a unique experience altogether.

Chocolate Brownies
We were then served with a nice warm chocolate brownie with ice cream, salted caramel and crumbles. I paired this with each of the wine that was served earlier and it matched really well with either of it.

My favourite? 
Actually all 3 has its own unique characteristics and pairing to match the flavours with. However, I love the Beringer Founders' Estate Sauvignon Blanc for it's mild citrus flavour where I can see myself enjoying it on its own at the comfort of my own home at my own "ME" time.

The wine tasting session today gave about a good experience for me being exposed to this exotic and exquisite luxurious world of wine pairing with good food and strangers who becomes your friend at the end of the day no matter where they came from.

We had a good evening asking questions and breaking the ice with each other on the topic of travelling; And lets not forget, Levy Li's valuable tips on planning a trip to Bangkok!

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