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Monday 12 November 2018

Back-To-School with Faber-Castell Malaysia

Every year end, parents all around the world will gear up for the next year for their school-going kids. And this time around, Faber-Castell Malaysia launches the "Back-To-School Bus" with a bunch of exciting school promotion packs that will give all parents an ease of mind while picking the right stationary for their kids.

The campaign that will last from now until January 2019, will feature various advertisements on TV and online, including a mock-up "Back-To-School Bus" that will be stationed at all leading bookstores, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide to draw customers with the latest product innovations and packages to offer.

They even launched their latest and newest Slim-Flexi Case that was available in 12 and 24 colours earlier, but now they have extended it to their 36 and 48 classic colour range.

The uniqueness of the design speaks alot of the convenience and the ease that Faber-Castell has put into their R&D for the end user to have a much more better experience with their colour pencils. I remember back in the good ol' days, my colour pencil boxes got worn out so easily that it was embarrassing to take it out from my bag and at the end my parents had to get a pencil case for me to put all my colour pencils in. Not only that, sometimes it goes out of shape or one gets used more frequently than the other so it goes missing inside the huge pencil loaded will all the colours, pencils, pens and whatnot's.

Classic Colour Pencils in Slim-Flexi Case
12 colours RM12 | 24 colours RM27.90 | 36 colours RM40.50 | 48 colours RM52.50

With the slim-flexi case, it gives everyone of its user a good overview of which colour to pick at a glance and also encourages them to rearrange it back in order accordingly to its slot. So it's no longer in a mess. This encourages good eye-hand coordination even at an older age and also good habits into rearranging and keeping things in a orderly manner. I bet it was because my pencils were all over the place, hence that habit has grown out of me and now expanded to having my things all over the place. There's also a sling attached to the case where you can carry it on your shoulder, definitely a trendsetter in the making!

But that's not all that they have to offer at their "Back-To-School Bus". They have also launched their star product which is the Air Gel Pen, equipped with both fast-dry and extra-soft grip features. I really love this pen because I always have issues writing with any ink pen and then having the side of my palm smudged with the ink as I glide across.

All left-handlers will face this situation, I am a right-handler but sometimes different angle or writing or when I missed out some notes above and add on, it will smudge for sure. Because the ink is not dry yet. This Air Gel Pen solves that issue for sure!

Air Gel (RM4 1pc | RM2.20 1pc refill)
The 1st fast dry retractable gel pen with extra-soft grip.

Stamp Markers is also another unique item that I actually took an interest in for my own, because it is just too cute! It also brings out the creativity in you!

Stamp Markers (RM10.50 box of 6 colours | RM16.50 box of 10 colours)
For a colourful and fun stamping

Actually there's aplenty more innovations that will be available as well such as :

Shark & Bubble Mechanical Pencil (RM5.20 each)Comfortable rubber grip, retractable sleeve and fitted with PVC-free eraser
Seaworld Eraser (RM3.65 3pcs | RM21.80 18pcs)The Dust-Free Eraser

Super Clip Gel (RM4.80 1pc | rm2.20 1pc refill)
Also features the "Fast Dry" innovation

WinBall (RM39 30pcs | RM2.80 2pcs)
The Super Smooth Pen
WinBall (RM39 30pcs | RM2.80 2pcs)
The Super Smooth Pen

Textliner 18 (RM3.40 1pc)
Oval shape highlighter that provides the right position at the first hold.

Watercolour Soft Pastels + Brush
I actually love this the most! It glides smoothly and vibrantly across the white sheet of paper when I was drawing hearts on my art paper. I'm tempted to get this!

UHU Stic (RM9.20 2pcs 8.2g each | RM9.20 1pcs 21g)
Strong, fast, durable UHU stic that glues anything, anytime, no mess and now in a limited edition packaging featuring Hotel Transylvania 3 characters.

One Touch Corrector (RM7.20 with Free Ball Pen Set | RM17.50 with 4 refills)
Ergonomic design for comfort holding & better control

Bear & Panda Pencil Sharpener (RM26.90 each)
Super cute, table top sharpener, even I want to get my hands on each!

Faber-Castell Malaysia is also celebrating their 40 years milestone in Malaysia by announcing their embarkment on a CSR programme that involves giving away a year's supply of stationery products to children of 40 underprivileged homes nationwide; Their 40 years of success would not be realized without the support of the public, hence they believe in giving back to society to these underprivileged children, in hopes to uplift the spirit of these children whilst adding colours to their life for the upcoming school semester.

Also inconjunction with the Back-To-School campaign, there will be an on-going 
"Spot, Snap & Win" 
contest from now until January 6th, 2019; Where you can stand to be among the 40 winners to walk away with RM150 cash reward and Faber-Castell products worth RM80 together with a box of personalized Slim-Flexi Case 48 Classic Colour Pencils (worth RM52.50)!

How to participate in this contest?
1. SPOT the "Back-To-School Bus" at all leading bookstores, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide.
2. SNAP a creative photo with the Faber-Castell "Back-To-School Bus" display.
3. UPLOAD to Facebook and include HASHTAG #FaberCastellBackToSchool

As easy at 1-2-3! 
So Quickly go out there and spot the Faber-Castell "Back-To-School Bus" display now!

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