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Tuesday 6 November 2018

The Convenience of Benbat Bag For Kids On-The-Go!

There's aplenty of bags out there today in the market which makes it a headache to even find one for my son to take to school and even for holidays.

I used to put all of my son's clothes into my luggage bag because he don't have one that is of his size! I even have the dilemma of school bags too, seeing as how many books they'd had to lug to school in the morning and back home at noon.

After searching throughout I found Benbat and realize that it kinda suited what I was asking for! Because I don't fancy shoulder bags, it hurt my shoulder when I was little which caused me to decide to either leave the books at school or don't bring those books at all (end up I missed the lesson). Yes, a bag that does not support your tools well will make you defend yourself from it and ultimately make you hate school for it and that's how I was "once upon a time" a rebel.

So this trolley bag was super cute and it stood out amongst the others I was comparing against with. Because its easy to use and it's quality is really sturdy for a cute little bag like that!

What's even better is it can carry a good amount of books that my kinder-going child needs daily and it doesn't stresses his shoulder because he can easily pull it to school. It has a set of wide wheels for smooth movement and transportation, even on bumpy road pavements it is sturdy!

The GoVinci Trolley is the perfect travel accessory for creative kids like my son (actually all kids are born creative). Because it features an "All-in-one" backpack that can be converted into a drawing table & houses a mobile art display in the front where I can put my son's photo or his artwork drawings too.

I love the unique and stylish simplicity design of it, the colours is really sweet and has 2 types of variant. I notice the GoVinci range available at Bloom & Grow Asia actually carries a really high quality material that is worth investing in for your child. There even have another backpack type where you can carry it. But I still prefer to get this Trolley type because body posture is important and its good to start looking out from young because that's where we start to grow healthy strong bones.

This bag is suitable from age 3+ years onwards. My son turns 4 years this 11.11, and he is so excited because he gets his very own trolley bag that can be converted into a luggage bag for travel, which he will be heading to Legoland and The Lost World of Tambun super soon!

Kids these days are so lucky with all these amazing choices and superb quality! Back in my day, it was simply any bag on offer at the nearest hypermarket, or just use a plastic bag for my clothes-lah...

So if you're looking for an ideal bag that can lasts and is sturdy, most importantly a bag to suit your child; Then you can check Bloom & Grow at :

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