FrogAsia Classroom by YTL Foundation Awards Night Ceremony - Sebrinah Yeo


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Wednesday 28 November 2018

FrogAsia Classroom by YTL Foundation Awards Night Ceremony

It was an evening of new exposure to new education that is already available in Malaysia the past 6 years since 2012. Tonight was a night of celebration and award ceremony where, Teachers and participating school across Malaysia and in the world, receives their well-deserve recognition from tonight's Gala dinner event.

You will be wondering what award ceremony is that about, especially with Teachers involved; Have you heard of FrogAsia? It's a system that enables our schools to implement into their classroom to inhibit interactive learning amongst Teachers and Students. Brought to you by YTL Foundation with FrogAsia, their concept is truly an eye-opening concept that can change the ways and methods of schools in Malaysia today.

Over 250 schools/classes were LevelUp! with FrogAsia system and layout over the past 6 years and they are aiming to have more schools and more classrooms maximizing the system.

The Frog Classroom Programme is an initiative by YTL Foundation in collaboration with FrogAsia, provider of the Frog VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) under the Ministry of Education’s 1BestariNet project.

What I really love about this system is that, it is like a classroom with NO books, NO worries of missing out on subjects (when teacher is away or when you are away from school etc), interactive learning through sights and sound, quick response from the Teachers and also feedback and discussions amongst students in forums can easily take place with FrogAsia technology.

Have you heard of the education in Finland? They also use such technology in their teaching methods. In fact, some schools across the globe like in UK already has such interactive technology in place.

In Malaysia, any school can apply for this sponsorship from YTL Foundation and FrogAsia after meeting the basic criteria to be on board of this exciting new technology that, in my honest opinion, should be rolled out across the nation!

However, the criteria to be on board is to ensure internet connectivity is available, to crowd-fund a minimum amount for the FrogAsia system to be implemented and once the school has collected enough funds for this initiative, they can apply and once it's approved, YTL Foundation will sponsor the revamping of 1 classroom for FrogAsia class to take place.

It's learning methods can consists of many things because it is a technology that does not limit your creativity. Hence, teachers use it to keep their students updated on upcoming lessons, lessons are taught using the application software pre-installed in the laptops and tablets in the classroom, back at home, parents can access the app the check their child's performances and results, students can even play quizzes that are created by the Teachers that can be shared across nationwide or globally.

And it can even be a fun learning method to answer quizzes as they learn the correct answers while score the highest to win awards and such.

Like today, there were awards for the Teachers, the schools and even a World Championship quiz competition where representative from a school in UK were present to receive their award. However, the most outstanding was the 1st Runner Up, an SMK in Malaysia won it and the World Champion was SRJK (C) in Malaysia.

With such technology and with these schools having classes like these for the students, it actually makes learning alot more fun! I wish they had it in my school back then, then I wouldn't skip class or schools that often.

Congratulations to all the Teachers and School Winners!

If you'd like to know more about the technology by FrogAsia, please visit :

For more info on YTL Foundation and it's role in this inspiring collaboration for the young generation today (our future leaders), you can visit :

If you are from a school that is passionate about incorporating technology and 21st century approaches into teaching and learning;
Apply now for a Makeover!

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