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Friday 23 November 2018

Dettol Relaunches their Personal Wash Range Malaysia

With the weather nowadays that is kind of unpredictable, it is quite hard to go through the day knowing that you or your child could bring home germs or bacteria from unknown places. Even with the evolving era we live in now, bacteria and germs find ways to even breed and multiply in your very home too.

So how do we really keep our family hygiene at peek? Well, for me, I feel that we should keep it moderate, some bacteria is good as long as it isn't harmful, but when to really take action is when you see signs of weather change and your kids or even you feel uncomfortable, and you start to feel unwell.

Like recently with the coughing and flu widespread in Malaysia, it has become so common that it's like a norm, but it's unhealthy and if ignored, may lead to many unknown diseases. So it's good to sometimes cleanse thoroughly and it always starts from home.

Dettol relaunches its personal wash range that provides a burst of freshness all day long of up to 12 hours odour protection whilst protects from 100 harmful germs!

The Dettol 'ProFresh" is formulated to provide 12 hours of odour protection, which is good because in Malaysia, we experience a whole year long of hot and humid weather. With this technology in place, it keeps us fresh and feeling clean when we're out and about.

That's not all, the Dettol 'ProSkin' provides a lasting 8 hours moisturising effect that keeps your skin protected from harmful pollution in the environment, such as strong sun rays or continuous air conditioning.

Launched over 80 years ago, Dettol has been known by Malaysians to be the leader in germ protection and kills almost all type of germs. And as we know very well, we can't kill or fend of bacteria, viruses or germs with our bare hands and naked eyes. Hence we rely on No.1 products like these to do its job to keep our family hygiene at peek. With that, it gives parents a peace of mind whenever their child is outdoors whether at school or at the play ground, we know that they are protected with Dettol's personal body wash range.

And if you or your loved one tends to sweat and stink in the process, please know that sweats in general has no smell, it is only when it has germs contaminated with the sweat that creates the odour in effect. All the more you should get the odour protection for you or your loved ones. Dettol comes in five range of uplifting variants such as Cool, Lasting Fresh, Re-energize, Fresh & Skincare, that is packed in the following range :
250ml bottle RM6.90
500ml bottle RM12.46
950ml bottle RM20.25
900ml refill pack RM15.67

Available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.

For more info :
Dettol Malaysia
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