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Tuesday 30 May 2023

Kebun Mangga Harumanis Wan Pa, Perlis

Right after checking in, we didn't delay further. We went to Sadiah Cafe for dinner and we were quite early. 

So we decided to visit the Kebun Mangga Harumanis Wan Pa right opposite Sadiah Cafe that you can just walk over in 10 minutes. We saw some guests and staff that actually was enjoying their evening walks/jog along the paddy field there. 

I love how the entire area is just so beautifully and naturally designed for a very memorable homestay experience. And this is definitely the next place I will want to visit with my kids during the mango season (April-June).


We said we will be back and we were. We came here during the mid term school holidays and my kids enjoyed every moment of nature! Nature to the maxima!

We were greeted by the beauty of nature, the lizards, the "tokek" lizard aka gecko atleast 3 different types greeted us. Then a few variation of lipas (roaches) from the paddy field also passed by us. The moth greeted us in full blown at the light next to the door when we open to go toilet. Hence why we avoid going toilet after midnight, because it is outside. OUTSIDE! But it's fun. I screamed but still fun.

I screamed in the shower, I screamed going to the toilet, I screamed in the room. Screamed because nature surprised me, so I excited until scream la. But only short while, I got used to it, thank God. I screamed on behalf of my kids and then shrugged it off when they looked at me, they almost freaked out ahahahaha I had to do emotional control and steady okay. That's my challenge lolx.

And I found out, it's normal. All KL people come here sure scream first hahahaha. The good news is flying roaches here are small and not big. But spray is provided in the rooms. Apart from the fun of nature, we also enjoyed the view. My kids for the first time in years, woke up midnight to pee, got out from the bed, looked at the door to the back and then climb back on bed to sleep. They didn't pee in bed, so good la. Must go nature more, train them better hahahaaha!

There's no sound proof, so middle of the night if you hearing knocking on the house is because it's wood la, hot and cold will make the material expand and etc. Then when wind blow sure la the blinds at Rumah Sadiah opposite will hit against the railing. Not to forget, the frogs will be happily hopping around. My husband woke up early for his morning run, opened door to the toilet and the toad greeted him at the stairs, so he skipped the morning toilet and just go and run la. 

I also had a good chat on the 2nd night with the lizards, thankfully got mosquito net over our bed, if not it probably shat on my head, cos it was right above my head as I was telling it to go out and talk la... They walked to the edge of the roof and talked. It was behind my head, haiyo... And I-kid-you-not, these lizards talk louder than me ok... Can hear them over the phone! They literally eavesdrop on my conversation and responds accordingly. So advanced!

The pool was not cold, water just nice because the weather was hot. However, thankfully we were near the mountain so sometimes the wind blows the cloud over and it will just rain once in awhile. One night it rained so heavy, we all thought what happens if flood le? But no la, it's all in our imagination la. My mom said the rain rumbled so loud and not sharp but very loud like it's just next to us. The thunder and lightning also sound different here compared to KL wei! That's why u must come experience all these! Cannot buy back these experiences.

Will we be back again? Yes.

Why? Because fun.
But? Will stay at another rumah for a change, rumah Wan Pa was the oldest and a traditional home that is worth experiencing once. We love how authentic it is and really bring us right in nature, not close to nature, immediately in touch with nature. It's a love-hate with the creepy crawlies but I feel it's still better than camping in the jungle.

Oh, did we mention that our home was just next to the paddy field/bendang? So the slugs and leeches were behind on the floor at the toilet, my mom had fun kicking them away and stepping on some. Apparently, if you step on them, they don't die. So ya, it was fun lolx!

Breakfast here at the rooftop is the best la, above Rumah Sadiah. But don't go there if got someone staying downstairs, because they can hear your every footsteps. Breakfast buffet at Sadiah Cafe just a 3 minute walk is also very famous until sold out by 8ish am. Because rm2 per pax, you can have nasi lemak, toast, western choices, it's worth it!

@sebrinahyeo The best mango ever! Harumanis Perlis from @Kebun Mangga Harumanis Wan Pa Super juicy, meaty, sweet and succulent! Makes you ask for more! This is why we came back here again because I know they wont disappoint! #traveloguemalaysia #perlis #mangga #mangoperlis #harumanis ♬ original sound - Sebrinah Yeo

But the main highlight here is also their Harumanis mangoes that is in season but running low in stock. If you want the real harumanis, please come here during April-June, call them before coming. 

It is juicy, meaty and you will definitely ask for more! Harumanis can only be grown here in Perlis, among the many states in Malaysia, only Perlis can have such delicacies real, authentic on its own. Don't be fooled by the OEM ones and those from Thailand. Get the real mango deal here, serious.

For more info on Kebun Mangga Harumanis Wan Pa at Perlis, please check out their pages

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