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Friday 26 May 2023

FastX Movie Night with Soft Space : Introducing Fasstap at your fingertips

 An exhilarating night for me and my plus one. As we watched FastX movie with Soft Space. Soft Space is the World's most complete SoftPOS provider founded back in 2012, supported by MDEC. In fact, there are the first in the world to pilot 'zakat' payment acceptance using Tap on Phone. Although you may be wondering, what does a POS provider got to do with the movie FastX?

Simple! When you think of Fast & Furious movie franchise, remember Soft Space because they provide fast & furious point-of-sale system at your fingertips and today was their introduction to the Fasstap app that is super cool and all merchants should check it out. Ever since the pandemic everything is migrating fast into cashless and e-wallets. But don't you ever feel as a business owner that applying and paying/servicing the bulky payment machine for people to tap or swipe their cards to receive payment at your outlets? What if you have a roadshow on the go? Isn't it a hassle to detect internet connection just because you need to receive payment there and then on the spot from the customer? Ever had such experiences that makes you mad sometimes?

Well, you should then check Fasstap because they offer seamless mobile payment solution. Just make sure your mobile device has NFC-enabled and you are ready to get started! With Fasstap, you can accept contactless card payments and major QR wallets without the need for any physical card terminal or additional hardware.

Now, let's dive into the benefits of Fasstap:

Cost-Effective Payment Solution: Forget about investing in physical payment terminals! Fasstap runs solely on smartphones with NFC capabilities, making it a cost-effective alternative. Simply equip your merchants with NFC smartphones, which are readily available and budget-friendly.

Wide Customer Base: With Fasstap, you can tap into a vast customer base. It supports contactless MyDebit payments, catering to the 42 million MyDebit ATM cardholders in Malaysia. Customers can easily tap their MyDebit card on your merchant's NFC-enabled smartphone loaded with Fasstap for a seamless payment experience. Additionally, Fasstap accepts major e-wallet payments, including DuitNow, providing customers with more payment options via QR code scanning.

Easy Sign-Up and Setup: No more tedious face-to-face meetings and paperwork. Merchants can effortlessly sign up by filling out our digital form, simplifying the process. Once approved, merchants receive their login credentials via email to access the Fasstap application, available for download on Google Play.

Mobile: Whether you have a physical store or operate on the go, Fasstap is designed to be flexible. Accept payments anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a WiFi or internet connection.

Secure: Rest assured, Fasstap prioritizes security. It meets the strict security requirements of Bank Negara Malaysia's Risk Management in Technology policy, safeguarding cardholder and transaction data. With Fasstap, both merchants and customers can trust that their data is protected and compliant with regulatory and payment security standards. The hardware-level encryption ensures the highest level of security during transactions and prevents any possibility of data leakage or hacking attempts from the smartphone.

Experience the seamless and secure world of mobile payments with Fasstap. Join us today and transform your smartphone into a powerful payment solution trusted by merchants and customers alike. Say goodbye to unnecessary costs and hello to effortless transactions with Fasstap!

Ps. You wanna know my review on FastX movie? It was really fast, go check it out in the theatre near you quickly!

For more info please visit Fasstap by Soft Space at

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