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Wednesday 15 February 2023

Nipah Klasik, Perlis

We filled our hungry tummy with lunch before driving back 5 hours plus to KL.

Our final stop was at Nipah Klasik in Perlis. It was a unique place with all the Nira Nipah plants. It was my first time seeing this plant and knowing about the fruit that produces a lovely sweet juice that was very refreshing!

It was a place that was built like an activity area for sight-seeing and also staycation but later when people came by, this place eventually took a turn from becoming a staycation, they decided to make it a restaurant that people can still enjoy the sight seeing here, find inspiration as the wind breeze across the tree leaves; Whilst enjoy a nice hot meal here. They still kept the activity here like the paddling boat that kids and adult can also partake to get upclose with the Nira Nipah trees.

But the food and beverage choices here is truly aplenty!

Their specialty it the Nira Nipah drink that came from this weird harden shell like flower bulb that is the source of this juice and it is not easy to extract the juice out.

I was grateful that I got to see and taste the fresh Nira Nipah direct from the plant itself. It was sweet and refreshing and apparently if you kept it fermented it can turn into a kind of alcohol like "Tuak".

Many places here you can also have selfie as well. You will be surprise to know that besides Harumanis Mango and fresh seafood, and paddy fields here. There is also Nira Nipah that you should check out!

@sebrinahyeo Lunch at @nipahklasik in Perlis is definitely a hidden gem in this beautiful peaceful town. I got to enjoy the taste of nature the Nira Nipah juice direct from this cute looking plant. It’s my first time seeing this and when the wind blows through the trees, you hear the leaves rattling and chatting with one another, it is actually quite aesthetic and calming that can actually trigger inspiration in artists and creative individuals alike. A great place to chillax, unwind and dine with loved ones, friends and family. Thx again for this last pit stop by @unicastanaholidays before we travel back to KL. #TravelogueMalaysia #TravelogueMalaysiaPerlis #unicastanaholidays #NipahKlasik #Perlis #LetsTravelwithOurUnicStyle ♬ original sound - Sebrinah Yeo

Please visit Nipah Klasik, Perlis for more info, in fact just visit them in person la, better still.

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