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Tuesday 14 February 2023

Kampung Warna Warni, Perlis

 After enjoying nice views and unwind and relax. We then headed to another tourist spot that wasn't so crowded that day, was the Kampung Warna Warni. In english it translates as Colorful Village. And I kid-you-not this village is superbly colorful. I love how it was a combination of several villages in the entire area that actually colored and painting their homes in colorful shades of design and artistic patterns and colors.

What i see here is not just the creativity but the unity of how these villagers put effort to make something different than the norm and come together despite some are of different areas, but with  a purpose to just be different. And it became a tourist attraction in Perlis. Because when visitors pay to enter with the buggy car. They also get to stop by at some of the villagers home that  offers some snacks and tidbits as their livelihood.

Midway we had the choice to sit the buggy or walk by foot and we chose to walk because there was just so many beautiful photos to take in. And I even walked the rainbow bridge that I could literally walk across to Thailand but I didn't though, no passport with me.

I stopped when I saw this home that sells Dodol and was given some to try first and I bought the entire last 5 packet home. It was way better than any dodol I've tried before. And this is handmade not machine made! It is a must-have!

Along the villages we also got to see the seaside nearby with a huge crab statue there. Near the Mangroves at the seaside. And it was sunset! Such beautiful view!

It was a nice pitstop to chillax and snap photos and enjoy the sunset before we head back for dinner.

Check out Kampung Warna Warni (previously known as Kampung Seberang Ramai that has been rebranded to Kampung Warna Warni by the Majlis Agama Islam of Perlis) to book your trip here


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