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Wednesday 15 February 2023

Gunung Medan, Perlis

Before heading back we needed to head over nearby to Gunung Medan. I know many will be wondering why not Wang Kelian? Well, to be honest we didn't want it to be crowded when seeing spectacular views. So basically when we went to Gunung Medan it was just us. No crowd. I only know that in the morning when the sun is not so hot, only the local neighborhood nearby will come here for jogging. 

But I must say that this view is truly exhilarating! It's breathtaking and puts you in awe!

It is pretty high up here as you can see the wind blowing through my hair. And I took many many many beautiful shots here as it is picturesque and just perfect at every angle!

Can even do TikTok here because the background is just priceless!

@sebrinahyeo I would jog up here every morning just for this view and cool breeze at #gunungmedanviewpoint #gunungmedan #gunungmedanperlis #traveloguemalaysia Thx to @Unic Astana Holidays for bringing us here with @TravelogueMalaysia ♬ original sound - Sebrinah Yeo

It's like the bests place for instagramable scenic views and also TikTok-worthy. 

Definitely after a very relaxing and I will daresay it is a healing trip, you will surely miss this place the most and want to bring more people to come and see Perlis for the beauty that is hiding within.

Thanks to Unic Astana Holidays for planning this wonderful travel for us!

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