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Monday 13 February 2023

Sadiah Cafe at Perlis

If you ever visit Perlis, please make time to visit Sadiah Cafe. If not, you probably never came to Perlis. This place is a very family-friendly cafe that you can enjoy local favourites right smack in the center of the paddy field! It is very aesthetic and healing just being here; especially when the cool breeze brushes unto your skin, you can just enjoy fresh air with no pollution here.  

The view here is truly a magical place to be. The mountain view and the clear blue sky. You can literally watch the clouds move here and it is just so calming and peaceful throughout. In fact, my husband said this is a runner's track, many people has come here to jog around the paddy fields and mountain and the view is just wondrous which I will share in my post of "Kebun Mangga Harumanis Wan Pa Staycation".

What you see here above is an aerial view when you dine-in at Sadiah Cafe rooftop. We had our dinner here and it was the best choice ever, in fact if you come here at the right timing, in the morning you can watch the sunrise and in the evening the sunset as well!

When I said this was family-friendly I weren't joking. Downstairs is the kids corner where they can draw and play in this little room inside. So if you have little kids, don't worry, they will have the bestest time of their life over here! So thoughtful of the owner for such initiative!

Their western platter is super generous in portion and is huge! I love western food and I must say that they really serve good western food here that you gotta experience it. The meat were crispy juicy and tender at the same time, the spaghetti sauce was just appetizing, and even the lamb also not hard to chew on. Your elderly parents also will totally approve of this dish!

I just had to take selfie shots, it's so beautiful, this swing decorated with the floral and the background is not a backdrop but it's a real background that is just worth spending time selfie and wefie all the way here.

I got to enjoy the local delicacy here the "Urap Jagung" that is really a new dish I have never heard of, or rarely heard of. And it was lovely! In fact I was actually seated in the middle of the paddy field when I took this shot.

Would you just admire this shot for a few minutes. This is like shellout in your face! But the portion is so so generous! I don't even need to topup for more because it's so huge, the servings are super fresh and to my greatest pleasure, it was not as spicy as I feared it would be! I would ask for extra rice if I were still 82kg back then, but I couldn't finish now even though I wanted so badly to. But we did "tapao" take away the leftover! So nice la! Definitely must come here and eat this dish especially for dinner!

And their drinks truly match the skies and earth. All of different flavours and combinations and each one also sedap, tasty, delicious. Whichever you pick it will be a sure win flavour! And we will definitely be back again!

And there you go, we came back again for the harumanis season and stayed at "Kebun Mangga Harumanis Wan Pa Staycation"

We wanted to have breakfast at Sadiah Cafe because it was just RM2 per pax buffet style! However, it was almost sold out by 8am, there was an event and there were lots of people there for teambuilding activities so we missed it. Nevertheless we still packed to go breakfast from Sadiah to enjoy it at their "Kebun Mangga Harumanis Wan Pa Staycation" which we chose to have a nice breakfast at the rooftop of "Rumah Sadiah".

Breakfast here was really exciting because one minute it was sunny and the next, you can see the dark clouds carrying the rain across from the mountains moving towards the paddy field.

Nice view, nice local favourite breakfast "Nasi not-so-lemak", that's what I call it because it's not oily le, means good la, healthier than the Nasi Lemak we eat at KL. But it is tasty! Pedas/Spicy also. Got kick!

We are enjoyed our pulut with Harumanis mango here. It was truly a delicacy that you should not miss! And my favourite Urap Jagung that my kids also loved it so much!
@sebrinahyeo The best mango ever! Harumanis Perlis from @Kebun Mangga Harumanis Wan Pa Super juicy, meaty, sweet and succulent! Makes you ask for more! This is why we came back here again because I know they wont disappoint! #traveloguemalaysia #perlis #mangga #mangoperlis #harumanis ♬ original sound - Sebrinah Yeo

Just the view itself also amazing! I don't know which is more beautiful, the view, the sky, the environment, the food, maybe it's all of it combined. This picture is worth a million hearts in my memories!

The "Urap Jagung" from Sadiah cafe is must must must have. I specially requested for it because my kids truly enjoyed every bit of it. Afterall, mommy's favourite is also their favourite.

And I must say, this dish is pretty new to me. It's eaten like this, mix the Harumanis mango with the urap jagung on the pancake. Very tasty le! I never had such combination before but even hot wraps should check out this combination.

How could I not order Harumanis before heading back le?! Straight from "Kebun Mangga Harumanis Wan Pa".

I helped my friend to also order 3kg of it! She loved it so much! It was really tasty and thanks to thiss I can differentiate the real Harumanis versus the Thailand ones. Some actually bring Thailand ones in and call it Harumanis back here in KL but actually it is not and they overpriced it like crazy!! I only paid RM100 for a box of 3kg of Harumanis from Perlis.

I love how the flavours blend together and everything here is in-house homemade, it's a family business that is surely worth mentioning. 

Now who wouldn't love Sadiah Cafe and the food and beverage that they offer! If I stayed here, this will probably be my regular hangout.

@sebrinahyeo Makanlah! Tunggu apa lagi! After feeding my iPhone first baru I feed my tummy at @SadiahCafe in Perlis with @TravelogueMalaysia The meals prepared here are truly generous and delicious! It was my first time experiencing this Urap Jagung (Jagung Kelapa), their Mix Grill is really appetising and generous in portions. And their shell out is seriously way tastier! For someone like me who can’t handle spicy food, this shell out was just nice, not too spicy and not too bland! Means spicy lovers will also love this too! And their beverages are truly too beautiful to consume yet it is really refreshing after a sunny day in Perlis. Thanks to @unicastana holidays for this beautiful rare find gem cafe that we will surely come back again! #TravelogueMalaysia #TravelogueMalaysiaPerlis #SadiahCafe #Perlis #unicastanaholidays #letstravelwithourunicstyle #food #cuticutimalaysia #makanlokal #cutisekolah #schoolholidayfun ♬ original sound - Sebrinah Yeo

Please visit Sadiah Cafe for more info, in fact just visit them in person la, better still.

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