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Tuesday 14 February 2023

Ngopi, Kangar Perlis

 The 2nd day in Perlis, we drove out to Ngopi at Perlis to enjoy breakfast over there. At first I thought, is this just some regular joint for a cup of coffee? But then I was already in for a thrill of a lifetime at the entrance itself! Because even opening the entrance door was a challenge to me, lol!

But I must say that it was one of my favourite place there that until this very day I can still imagine sinking my tooth into its crispy crusty buttery flaky warm croissant sandwich and pastry goods!

The space inside is very aesthetic with a tree and sunny area in the center. Very earthy, makes you want to sit longer. The food and the coffee and chocolate looks so good here! But seriously don't be deceived by the looks!

We had to take a wefie and cheers to the hot fresh bakeries here. It is Ngopi's own recipe, own homemade delicacies. Definitely you will not want to miss this! Even the sauce also all made in house, own recipe! You can never get this at the nearby supermarkets. 

When we came back to Perlis again the second time, we also came here to pack their goodies to go! It was just not to be missed. And my family agreed!

This was the trickiest yet coolest door to the entrance of Ngopi, I don't know if it is just me but twice I was here and twice I opened the door wrongly, it just wouldn't budge. But it opens easily rest assured. 

Their belgium chocolate was very rich in flavour and I came to know that all the ingredients including the sauces for the sandwiches are all made there! And yes, I had to mention this again because it is really a flavour you must try for yourself, words cannot express how delicious these bakeries are.

The latte art is truly beautiful and although it may seem common, until you take a sip, then you will think otherwise.

These were my favourite, the Chocolate croissant, hot and crispy outside but super moist and juicy inside. And the fragrance of the croissant just hits you like cupid!

The space inside is really spacious, even when it was crowded the second time we came, it was still cosy and not noisy. The environment also plays a huge part in this cafe.

Having a cuppa coffee here is truly god-sent that I had to pack this to go on my next destination!

I was asking the owner if he will franchise out soon and it seems like yes, the chances are very high that they may be coming over to Klang valley soon, but before that happens and before it gets super viral, come and visit the origin outlet to experience the real deal yourself!

@sebrinahyeo Breakfast was truly the best here! I have never eaten crispy crusty freshly baked croissants and panini sandwiches that is crusty outside and soft and fluffy inside! You must come here and try it! Their belgium chocolate was also appetising, my boys sure gonna love it! And their latte is really good! The best way to start the day over here at @ngopikangar This outlet was just opposite @unicastanaholidays office, very easy to locate! And I heard that they are franchising out and soon you will see them all around Malaysia. #TravelogueMalaysia #TravelogueMalaysiaPerlis #unicastanaholidays #igersfood #foodie #Ngopi #NgopiKangar #Perlis #LetsTravelwithOurUnicStyle #barista #breakfast ♬ original sound - Sebrinah Yeo

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