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Tuesday 14 February 2023

Rohani Ikan Bakar, Perlis

 Dinner time arrived and we also arrived at Rohani Ikan Bakar outlet. This is one of the most noticeable shops along the entire Perlis because they have 2 huge outlets and they serve amazing ikan bakar aka grilled fish. 

Just look at the fresh seafood spread for you to choose from. We tried quite alot of variety and even some that was super unique like the stingray fish.

We each had our favourites but I love all of it. This beats any fresh grilled seafood I've had at the food courts in Klang Valley.

They really know how to grill the fish so well that it stayed juicy and fresh throughout!

With this kinda servings and its portion it is truly worth bringing the whole kampung here for a feast of a lifetime! 

Please visit Rohani Ikan Bakar, Perlis for more info, in fact just visit them in person la, better still.

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