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Tuesday 14 February 2023

Suri Masakan Melayu Asli, Perlis

 This is the place to visit! It is always crowded for a good reason! But for that good reason, never fear that there is not enough. When I first visited there, I was amazed at the huge variety of food and beverages available! All kinds of local traditional Malay cuisines to your choosing! You can even challenge to try them all! It just keeps coming!

I found my favourite dishes here too, there was a few masak lemak variety that I can choose from veggie to meat types. And the different rendangs and grills available.

Even their sambal also got variety!

I had my fill of lunch here and the owner here is truly humble and generous! I like how the entire area was setup and even though it was crowded, the dishes was always filled up to the brim!

If you want to experience our local cuisines, this is definitely a must stop place to be! And eat with your right hand to truly feel like you belong! I miss this experience the most!

Find out more about Suri Masakan Melayu Asli, Perlis here.

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