Bukit Chabang Mari, Perlis - Sebrinah Yeo


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Tuesday 14 February 2023

Bukit Chabang Mari, Perlis

Right after our boating activity, we headed over to Gunung Chabang Mari directly.

Upon entering only then I found out this place is famous because of the little lamb there. One of them was apparently super naughty. 

But nevertheless this place was also famous because the entire view is like being in Switzerland itself with the mountain view and the landscape beautifully laid out with the lambs at the side eating the grass.

I took many selfies with my selfie stick and videos. I tried to wefie with the lamb but at the start, they didn't want what I gave to them so I just ignored them and they just came over to check me out when I was taking photo under the tree right smacked in the center. Also I noticed the chicken here is so cute! I've never seen a chicken with such cute butt. But all in all, besides what you see in the video, I will share images of what I took of myself there because the best experience is to be there in person.

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