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Thursday 26 April 2018

Illuminous Radiant Silk Mask Malaysia Review

Recently, I've been looking at beauty care for my skin, after recovering from Shingles last CNY; And I was selected for this lovely brand ILLUMINOUS, it's "Illumi Radiant Silk Mask" to pamper my skin with, after all the trauma it has went through for almost 2 months!

What's brand is this?
ILLUMINOUS is the latest advanced skin care in Whitening and Anti-Ageing that's specially formulated from Korea.

Do you have?
-Large Pores
-Concerns of your appearance in public
-Always "OT" Overtime/Work late
-Acne/Pimple problem
-Working in an air-conditioned environment
-Always exposed to the sunlight
-Dry or crack skin

If any of the above relates to your current condition, then you can check this product out.

What I like about this brand is, it supports both Day and Night functions through a simple 3-step process that Revitalise, Rejuvenate and Reborn. It also helps to treat targeted areas of my face for better enhanced results.

Most products will recommend you to use "only" theirs. However, with ILLUMINOUS, you can use their skin care series together as a complete beauty solution or act in synergy with other skincare products to enhance the results!

This right here is Illumi Radiant Silk Mask ( worth RM177 ) for 5 sheets per pack.

What's so good about it?
It's a unique Leave-On silk mask designed for ALL skin type.

What are the benefits of this facial mask?
It has multi-brightening and deep moisturizing ingredients that helps create a more brighter and radiant complexion and prevent pigmentation and dark spot in 14 days!

Just remember to wash your face clean first, the basic step to every skin care regime!

How Illumi Radiant Silk Mask works and is it for real?
Yes!!! Just look at my video & before and after photos!

My skin feels more lighter, smoother and moist. It feels like a little bounce. And in my photo you will notice a noticeable glow on my face. Also, the amount of moisture inside each mask pack is really awesome! I actually smother it all over my neck, hands and legs.

You can find out more information here :
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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