KLIA2 to Redang - Sebrinah Yeo


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Friday 20 June 2014

KLIA2 to Redang

Day 1 : 20th June 2014 @ KLIA2

We're back in Redang again but this time as husband and wife aka soon-to-be daddy and mummy.
Am at my 18 weeks now and Doctor gave me a letter incase AirAsia ask for a letter from doctor. I thought nobody noticed but at the gate waiting area the staff asked me if im pregnant huhu... So she gotten a form for me to fill up only (an indemnity letter)... They say only wk28 (I think) and above need a letter so for me just fill form ok already.

Btw... it took us "luckily" less than 2 min to walk to the bag scanners because taxi stopped us at the departure building entrance and not the shopping entrance lolx... if not need walk 5 min......

After bag scanning it took us approx. 10 min to walk to our gate right at the end... Along the way alot of shops Starbucks got 3x outlets (1x in shopping mall,  1x at departure entrance, 1x gate area)... And got only 1x short travelator for lazy ppl like me... but still need to walk 90% of the way.....

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