Good Food : Loong Grilled Seafood @ Jinjang - Sebrinah Yeo


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Saturday 17 May 2014

Good Food : Loong Grilled Seafood @ Jinjang

Loong Grilled Seafood @ Jinjang

You wouldn't believe it but this restaurant is da bomb!
The food was really tasty and very fulfilling.

My bro-in-law took us here to try out the awesome delicacies available. Claiming it's even better than eating at Telok Gong, which I kinda agree!

It was "pasar malam" night so parking was pretty difficult to find, my hubby had to park next to the Prison building across the field and walk through the "pasar malam" over to the restaurant.


My Pick : Fried sotong with salted egg

Michael Jackson Tofu (Charcoal Tofu served with White Tofu)

Grilled Fish

Special Tiger Prawns (Per person 1 generous plate serving)
All-in-all it was superb, though I couldn't eat much at the time, I took baby bites of each meal... Except for the soup (didn't take picture), the soup probably tastes good but... I can't take it coz of the "wine" ingredient.

I give this place 4/5 :

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