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Thursday 8 May 2014

A day at The Garden (for work, NOT)

Was at The Garden, Mid Valley the whole day for some stupid VVIP visit (that didn't show up in the end) what an ass!

Ate lunch at Fong Lye we ordered rice n vegetables.

I at White rice with minced pork sauce (like the Taiwan braised pork rice), fried sotong, steam chicken, tofu mixed veg, lotus root veg n pork chop teppanyaki style. I had like 1pc each of each dish only. Finished like 3/4 of the rice mixed with minced pork n drank 3/4 of my honey lemon drink.

Vomited 1/4 of the rice, minced pork sauce, honey lemon n a lil bit of sotong out.

Then snacked jelly lime ice at snowflakes, ate up the jelly but drank a lil bit melted ice n lime syrup like 3 to 5 small spoons only. The rest left unfinished.

In the evening we snacked at the Coliseum... They recently replaced House of Paddington Pancakes downstairs next to Tony Roma. This Coliseum is like a franchise chain now and it was quite historical in KL... There were lots of newspaper info on their walls all framed up proudly...

Ate some roti bakar shared with my colleagues. Was really quite full at dinner...
Tiring day no thanks to some peabrains from korea. Tucked in early for the night zzz...

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