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Friday 16 May 2014

Bad Combination : Bloated + Nausea

Today = Bad day

Had Tom Yam soup with rice set lunch at Quan Ice Cream & Coffee House Cafe.

The soup was soooooooo red... It was extremely spicy and definitely lacking of the authentic "Tom Yam" flavour I was looking for. The spicyness overtook the whole flavour of the soup. Did feel nauseated shortly after but it was not so bad I was able to endure it. Couldn't finish, left half the rice uneaten and practically 3/4 of the soup.

Tea time I was starving and hubby gotten me some Roti Cheese & Dhal from 5th floor food court.

Dinner time was at MIL's place. She made a separate soup for me, chicken cubes ala bite-size with egg, it tastes sweet and decent. I finished it! But the baby was practically giving me lots of hints on the chicken the past few days/weeks... The food aversion started kicking in shortly after due to the chicken meat, sigh...

Felt super nauseated in the toilet but lucky it was just awhile, did vomited some "air" out... Probably having a bloated tummy...

On the way home, my tummy had really sharp pains at the top right & center, top & lower part of my belly button. Was kinda worried, but I read it was normal because my baby is moving upwards (I can't feel baby move yet) and my cervix is working its way expanding even more as baby grow which will cause my muscle or whatever machine working in my belly to start working weirdly.

Doctor gave me nausea pill which is safe for pregnant mummies and a white liquid to drink for gastric/bloated tummy. YUCK! She did say I have lots of wind in my belly and its very common during pregnancy. She asked me to watch my eating habit and to cut out on oily or spicy stuffs. (I bet it was da Tom Yam!)

I didn't take the medicine back home, I just did some light exercise and prenatal yoga and slept like a baby!

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