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Sunday 11 May 2014

Our First Antenatal Class

Excited for our first class!

Day 1 : 
Eating still not so good but had frequent small meals for refreshment provided by the hospital during the class sessions.

Morning ate Mcd breakfast... Didn't know the hospital had breakfast provided. Some fried sausages with layers of chilli and mayo sauce dressings. Drank a lil cold milo at the class n felt nausea a lil.
Took lots of notes and good info's. The doctors are all very funny. The whole class is conducted in BM. We were the only Chinese couple there and another Indian couple, the rest are malays but it didn't bother us at all. We spoke fluent BM ourselves & we were all first time parents. So we ain't alone hehe... I love this class!

Dinner was at Black Market @ KL, I couldn't eat much but ordered pizza anyways. Ate like 3x slices & was quite full. Towards 12am I was hungry a lil. Ate the leftover pork ribs we packed to go from Black Market and took like 3x bites n was quite filling already.
It was a very tiring day but was excited overall! 

Day 2 :
We were there early again, but this time we head straight for the breakfast at the hospital. Ate "Popiah crisp roll" 2x pcs.

Learned alot about breast-feeding and baby care today.

Between Breakfast & Lunch refreshments, there was this one bread there and I love it, it's really soft and the edges has seeds, nuts & muesli on it. It tastes really different, kinda sweet and nicer than Massimo or Gardenia. I am still wondering what bread is that... 

Class was just half day today but we learned alot. I even video-ed my hubby practising how to bathe & clean a baby (they used a baby doll, btw) just for black & white purposes incase he tries to avoid duty then.

Lunch was yummy! Malay style chicken rice but very tasty! Plus I did not feel nausea, which is goooood!
There was a surprise at Lunch, the moms-to-be head over to get their lunch first while the dads-to-be stayed back in class. They were actually being handed out red roses to surprise all of us moms-to-be in the room.

I got my rose while picking the chicken on my plate ahahha... Why rose? Because it was Mother's Day on that very day. And we're all mummy's in the making, hehe...

I left the rose in the kitchen in a vase of water and amazingly it lasted out for almost a month but I threw it away when it was drying up (bad feng shui for dead dried up flowers to be near you).

What we learned out of the 2 days?
Plenty! The hospital even emailed the slides over to us for future reference. We learned everything to know about before, during & after pregnancy for the Mummy and for the Baby and also for the Daddy.

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