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Friday 20 June 2014

Redang : Day 1 ~ We're back!

Day 1 : 20th June 2014 @ Redang

Alot of ppl headed towards Laguna Redang its like "People Mountain, People Sea" direct translate from Cantonese.

We noticed lots of improvements here but got some not so good reviews too...

We are finally back here in Redang but this time as Husband & Wife and soon-to-be Daddy & Mummy
Basically, Laguna is the only resort we wanted to try atleast once and we're here now hehe... With another couple fren together.

The room was lovely! We actually booked the Deluxe View room, turns out it's a family room for 2 adults + 2 kids. Lolx... SO we maxed out our clothings on both the extra beds hehe...

The food here is oh-so-good, hot and yummy!!
And Lunch was the first meal here, can't wait for the rest

I played my Nintendo DS in da room while my hubby and our couple fren went for the snorkelling trip... It was quite fast too...

Our couple friend said that the minute they wanted to get off the boat into the water, right below the ladder is another "People Mountain, People Sea" and they were mind-boggled on how to get down there le??... Lolx... Best part is, my friend said while he was snorkelling someone kicked his face when he looked up to see who, there's too many people. Real joke of the day, ROFL!

Hubby came back and complained... The water ain't so clear and clean, there's fishes but not many, those beautiful ones all hard to be seen, dead corals can be seen and just imagine, 4 boats with 50pax each from 2 or maybe 3 resort together cramped at 1 area snorkeling.... U do the math... He said they were practically trying to find some space in the water with the crowd... He said things definitely changed since 2011 we last came here...

Me & my hubby, we both love having alone time and just having conversations with each other; So we went for a stroll along the beach shore and we walked all the way next door to Redang Beach Resort to see what has changed... We had a quick tea time session there... The Ochado kiosk/hut addition was awesome but the Keropok lekor at their new kopitiam building with a mini swimming pool area at the back for guests was not so awesome... It tastes like they kept the keropok losong too long, like about a month & it was almost tasteless sigh...

Later at night the 4 of us went for a night stroll along the beach shore after dinner and amazingly we didn't have to cross the bridge from "More More Tea Souvenir Shop" to the other side just to dig "blue sands".
We were just infront of Laguna Resort beach front and my hubby caught the first glimpse of the blue sand being washed up ashore. It was a beautiful sight, the blue sand pulsated in the dark like a heartbeat. It was beautiful until the waves washed it away...

Then I spotted another blue sand washed up shortly but went back into the ocean quickly too.

The 3rd blue sand I spotted, I immediately grabbed the sand surrounding it and held it in my palms. I did that because my couple friend walked further away but couldn't find any blue sand until I caught it glowing in my palms. It was so beautiful and the cameras all went gaga with the flash lights, guess we were all so excited staring at the beautiful blue sand that a good shot was hard to get.

Soon after, I let it go back into the ocean waves, back where it belongs ^^
This is our first time seeing a real blue sand since being in Redang and hearing about it. Sad that it is now a rare sight but we're super lucky to actually able to catch a glimpse of it 3 times this time, must be our baby's luck hehe...

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