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Sunday 22 June 2014

Redang : Day 3~Home Sweet Home!

Day 3 : 22nd June 2014 @ Redang

Was really reluctant to wake up today but I kinda woke up 3 times on my own (I bet it's the baby moving at those times...Been quite frequent recently)

Woke up at 3am, heard the loud thunder outside, rain & wind... Went back to bed... The room was still dark.

Woke up at 5am, no different... Went back to bed... The room was still dark.

Woke up at 6am, woke my hubby up to check the time and if we'd overslept? The room was still dark!! With the curtains shut, who knows if it's day time or night time outside, lolx!!

So at 6am we woke up and get ready for breakfast at 7am. I woke up earlier than the alarm could even ring at 6.30am! Been waking up earlier than the alarm could ring recently, I have never done it before in my life I usually sleep through any and all alarms in the morning, haha... So I knew this time it wasn't me... Definitely the baby has my husband genes...

The squirrel aka tupai was our common neighbour throughout the whole trip here in Laguna Resort (No wonder, they have a Tupai Beach Bar here because of those Tupai running around everywhere) This squirrel greeted us goodbye ~I guess~ since it was our last day there.

Breakfast was awesome as always, my DIY sandwich and best part is there was ROTI CANAI today, yum yum!!

 We took some nice shots of the beach @ Laguna Redang Island Resort and also #selfie of us "mum & dad-to-be" before we head back to grab our handcarry bags to check out and head back to the ferry-jetty-vna shuttle-airport.
At the airport, we waited for the gate to open and while waiting there was only 1 restaurant there in the airport "Secret Recipe", that's all... Lolx... But we saw this kiosk/stall selling Terengganu's keropok losong and crackers to buy back home to KL. I bought the frozen Keropok Losong home because we didn't have the time of leisure to head out to "Kak Yah Keropok Losong" or just visiting Kampung Losong itself which I target to one day...

The whole journey was really bumpy but bearable. The wind was really strong. But the Captain landed the plane smoothly via AirAsia. The arrival hall at KLIA2 allowed us to walk in straight into the shopping mall, good strategy!

We arrived about 1ish pm and we haven't had lunch, back home our couple friend parked their car at our place. We went out straight for lunch to LFC, my friend Carmen was like checking out Top food places in Subang Jaya and we led the way to the famous LFC (not at SS14 but at their new branch SS15-minus to queue and crowd). It was one satisfying lunch to end our holiday getaway together.

Can't wait for the next holiday... With baby (years to come for that)... We want our baby to be able to remember the holiday experience together as a family so probably around 4 yrs old +?

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