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Saturday 5 July 2014

Lazy Saturday

Yes! Today is a very lazy Saturday.

The weather is hot but not scorching hot, even thinking about changing and heading out of home was really tiring. Imagining if I were to head to a certain shopping mall nearby, didn't turn me on at all.

It was just a lazy Saturday for me and hubby.
However, baby has been kicking me all morning when I was being lazy on the bed which I had to wake up and ordered McDelivery Breakfast.

Being lazy at home enjoying my McD Breakfast while hubby was outside waiting for his turn at the dentist, hahaha!!

I ordered Double Sausage McMuffin with Egg Value set and changed my coffee/tea to Medium Ribena.

This is my all time favourite burger. I love it when the cheese melts at the edges, really mouth-watering and I just love to pick off those cheese on the wrapper and eat them, why waste?!

 Doesn't this look delicious... Mmm..mmmm yummy!

Hubby went for his dental check-up and did scaling at the same time at one of the very famous & very crowded dental clinic in USJ.

Klinik Pergigian USJ (located at USJ 8), as usual, it was crowded. There were already 5 people and more queuing up downstairs before 9am waiting for the doors to open at 9am and to register themselves. Hubby was patient number 4. He went there about 8.30am. After waiting and registering, he went down for breakfast. His turn only came at 11.30am plus.

I recommended this dentist to my hubby because I have been here since I was young, so have my parents and my sister. The dentist is very honest, gentle and professional at what he does, plus he won't overcharge and try to save your money and your tooth in the best way possible. He won't force any dental surgery on you if it is not necessary or life-threatening unlike some other dentists that just wanna earn fast cash the quick way regardless.

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