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Monday 14 July 2014

Food Review : Tai Lei Loi Kei @ Taipan USJ 10

Good food from Macau. Now available in Malaysia.

Pork Burger has been a famous snack to queue for in Macau. However, the lady boss opened branches over here in Malaysia. 

Taipan USJ 10 (same row as Old Town Kopitiam/Subway/Lorong Seratus Tahun), their branch here is quite "quiet" compared to the ones in Damansara. No queue and sometimes there's no one. Probably cause not many ppl are aware of this place??

Been here twice. 
The curry fish ball is interesting.

The pork burger tastes similar to what I had in Macau. I had this during my 1st trimester but I couldn't finish it because it was oily for me (messed up taste buds during my 1st trimester).

The bouncing noodles is like wan tan mee. There's a dry or soup version.

U must go there and try the pork burger if you've never had it in Macau. I'd recommend it! 

(Ps. You don't need to queue here and you get to pick where you wanna sit hehe)

Address : 4A, Jalan USJ 10/1J, Top Speed Business Centre, Subang Jaya
Opening Hours : Mon - Sun (10:00 - 23:00)

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