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Sunday 27 July 2014

Turn Back Time : A&W @ PJ

Turn Back Time! The most memorable place I think most Malaysians can refer to is the iconic A&W, the first ever 24-hour, drive-in fast food outlet that opened in Malaysia @ Section 52, Petaling Jaya (opposite Amcorp Mall), since 1965, is known for its rootbeer, coney dog and dining in the car like in the movies.

Visited this place again after so many years, I really missed it here.

KUB Sdn Bhd took over operations of A&W Malaysia in 2001 and the franchise has not been doing well, I still remember the tasty fried chicken (back then it was better than KFC!) but the recipe changed overnight and the only attractions left was the coney dog, waffles & rootbeer. 

But apparently I felt kinda sad after reading news over social media on KUB plans to develop two office towers over this land but the 24-hour, drive-through A&W outlet will be reopened at the ground floor of the towers. Starting from approx. Dec 2014 till 2018.

Well enough of these sad news let's get to the good part!
The building structures, the waffle counter inside and the party room (now it's like a store room...) There used to be a garden maze extending out from the party room. I remember getting lost in there (and it was a lil creepy and quiet out there too) with my friends that celebrated their birthdays here with "Rooty" the mascot bear! We were given masks of "Rooty" the bear to lookalike him.

The yummy rootbeer! Who can ever forget this! Even after growing up, I was a regular at the Sunway Pyramid A&W branch when I was working in Sunway Pyramid "Nokia" back then. My friends from college frequent yam cha place at night is at the A&W outlet at 3K Building.

The yummy curly fries & french fries. The curly fries is the best ever! My dad always brings me here and we drove-in a couple of times, our whole family just dine-in the car while they serve us our food. It was really fun and cramped! Lots of joy...

My favourite "Beef" Coney Dog! Never tried "Chicken" and never will because "Beef" gives the kick into the flavour! I remember every Tuesday is "Coney Dog" day!!

Fried Chicken... Missed the original flavours... Crispy, hot, fresh and really finger licking until they changed recipe... Tasted like any other Fried Chicken that you can make at home... The coating definitely changed!

The "Double Deluxe Burger", since the chicken lost its flavours, I strayed from A&W until I started being a regular for it's rootbeer at Sunway Pyramid. This burger was the 2nd best bet to order. Couldn't find anymore favourites since the chicken besides the coney dog and waffles is more like a dessert kinda snack time for me. When it comes to burgers, competition is tougher especially now. Plus, A&W serves really thin slices of meat patty in the burgers. I do miss their "Prosperity Burger" with beef, tastes better than McD prosperity burger!

Last but never the least, waffles. Your pick of "butter & maple syrup" or "single/double scoop ice cream".

All-in-all, A&W is still the best fast food joint to happen in Malaysia. I hope the recipe stays that long too.
Now I'm craving for some A&W rootbeer.

Go visit this place while you still can
No.9 Lorong Sultan,
46000 PJ Selangor.
Tel : 03-79576250
Email : pjdi@rootbeer.com.my
Website : http://www.rootbeer.com.my/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AnWMalaysiaOfficial

Ps. It has been probably yrs since business was blooming at this PJ outlet, so expect some disappointments. The staffs are probably "overwhelmed" with the on-going crowd coming in from now till the outlet closes for renovation.

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