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Saturday 2 August 2014

Tryst Cafe @ SS15

Back again at SS15 for coffee, food & friends!

This time, we had a small gathering with a couple of friends from office. Can't say it's a double date session because my girl friend brought her BFF since childhood ^^

It was more of a get-together after I left my company! And also to try out the coffee and food here.

Tryst Cafe Entrance

It was kinda hard to locate this cafe but if u're a regular at SS15, u will know where to look for. Especially if u've been to Pangkor Fish Head Curry/Bee Ho Steamboat/Hungry Hogs. U will definitely pass by this cafe at the end of the shoplot/jalan before the next intersection. Just before KFC shop ^^

Interior-wise is very artistic. Lovely graffiti wall arts and a lounge area to enjoy a quick coffee and play some games with friends. There's a bookshelf where u can help urself to books and assorted board games.

Menu is found written on the white chalkboard above & behind the counter. Water is FOC but self-service!

Our orders were quite easy to make out with. Flat White (RM8) my friend said it tastes good and she's a coffee lover herself. British Breakfast Tea (RM10) D.I.Y style but very "English" like. Cappuccino (RM8) hubby picked this because he needs something slightly stronger but not too strong and not too blend. Guess he prefers this than the Flat Whites that he's tried before. Diff tastebuds. I'm all-in for H20, free but self-service, yet satisfying~!

Ps. I love the biscuit the coffee comes with, yumz!

My friend & her BFF ordered the Pancake Banana Caramel (RM8) and Pancake Banana Chocolate (RM8). Reviews from them, I guess it tastes good in a way, not too sweet but edible. It looks very sweet though but "don't judge a book by it's covers". Generous amounts of syrup toppings & bananas on top of a fluffy fat pancake. 

I went for the safest, Pancake Butter Honey (RM5) had to control my sugar intake. But it wasn't all too sweet either. A perfect mix of flavours actually brought the original pancake flavour out. Really yummy!

The guys ordered Tryst B'fast Platter (RM13) I love the way they toast their bread with butter. The chicken is really tender and just perfect. I wish I could have this for myself but I can't eat any soft, runny or fluffy eggs as I'm still in my 2nd trimester ^^. 

I ordered the Spaghetti Aglio Bacon (RM12), and yes, I have an appetite "muahahhaha"... The Spaghetti was kinda oily but it wasn't all too bad besides the oiliness. Generous amounts of bacon bits & oil. However, it was really aromatic and tasty with each bite. Even though it's kinda oily, it's not the "over" filling type that makes u almost full halfway through.

But there's still free H20 at your service even if it's sweet or oily ^^

Find out more here or just drop by to experience this place yourself! I definitely recommend!
Address : No. 74, Jalan SS15/4C, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Opening Hours : 
Mon, Wed, Thurs (10am - 1am)
Tues (6pm - 1am)
Fri, Sat (10am - 2am)
Sun (10am - 1am)

Twitter : #trystss15
Email :

Google Map :

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