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Saturday 23 August 2014

Pigeon Breastfeeding Workshop @ Sunway Medical Centre

The Successful Journey to Breastfeeding Workshop by Pigeon in partnership with Sunway Medical Centre. Held on the 23rd Aug 2014, Saturday (11am - 4pm) @ Swan Convention Centre, Sunway Medical Centre.

I came across this info on the workshop from a baby fair in Ikano. Pigeon booth was distributing flyers and posting on Facebook on their upcoming workshop in Sunway. I couldn't wait to sign myself up for this workshop to gain more knowledge into breastfeeding and benefits for my baby.

The whole programme was very informative. They have really good and simple to view presentation slides. Such as this food for breastfeeding mothers. Pn. Salmiah Dato' Haji Talib (Certified Lactation Counsellor) was invited on stage to talk about "The Successful Journey to Breastfeeding".

Pn. Salmiah Dato' Haji Talib (Certified Lactation Counsellor), even summarized the food pyramid into point-forms.

What I really like about this slide here is that no one should even think or even worry about not having enough milk for your baby. They even have steps to help motivate you to continue making plenty of milk for your baby regardless of whatever shape/size of "breasts" you may have.
This is the beauty of being a mother and nobody has the right to take away this privilege from you (except ur own self though - correct me if I'm wrong).

Some simple ways of handling breastmilk. Good info for new mommy like me ^^

Pn. Salmiah Dato' Haji Talib (Certified Lactation Counsellor) even shared this with us in the class. I can't help but share it here. I believe this will benefit all mummies out there who manage to stumble upon my blog hehe. Sharing is caring afterall.

After lunch, the invited speaker "Tham Kwee Peng", Senior Manager of Nursing Women & Children Department (Sunway Medical Centre) to talk about "Baby bathing & massage". She shared this important info on "Umbilical Cord Care". This is very important to care for during the first few days/weeks of baby's life stage in this world. Never ever ignore this part.

This is the "sugar" that I look forward to in the whole workshop besides information on Breastfeeding. 

Touch therapy, the benefits & baby massage live demo on stage. Me & hubby can't wait to bond with our lil' baby boy when he arrives.

Almost towards the end of the session, Clinical Psychologist "Paul Jambunathan" of the Sunway Medical Centre, was invited on stage to talk about "Psychology Health of Breastfeeding Mothers". He is really funny! Entertaining throughout his whole session and really good at hitting the point. He supports breastfeeding and encourages it. Shared alot of great slides on it and even pictures of his own family, his wife breastfeeding his daughters. He is amazing!

These are the benefits of breastfeeding summarized by Clinical Psychologist "Paul Jambunathan".

These are the benefits of breastfed babies summarized by Clinical Psychologist "Paul Jambunathan".

These are the benefits of breastfeeding for mothers summarized by Clinical Psychologist "Paul Jambunathan".

Clinical Psychologist "Paul Jambunathan", even mentions to not worry about the confinement herbs and foods of a breastfeeding mother. He advise to carry on with it. 

On this note, I noticed a few mothers might oppose to this, however, it's only common sense to think that everyone is different in their own ways. I mean, every mothers have a very different pregnancy for every baby. Not one is identically the same as the other. Therefore, I say, don't compare and if it benefits you then there's no stopping you from taking this or that even if you know someone close to you might have a negative effect when eating this or that. 

Remember, these are all based on their "own" experience but don't let their experiences stop you from having your "own" experiences too and it will not necessarily be identical. Only you knows what's best for you. If unsure, then seek help from professionals instead like your gynae or paediatrician with pure facts, tests and medical records as proof. Otherwise, just don't worry about it too much and enjoy the journey of being a mother to your family & giving the best to your baby.

Clinical Psychologist "Paul Jambunathan", even shared the 8 P's to have for parents.

Clinical Psychologist "Paul Jambunathan" of the Sunway Medical Centre is also a senior lecturer at Monash University. If you want a free consultation, listen to LiteFM on every Wednesday morning. You can call him and ask him questions for free.

Apart from the superb presentation and talks from the speakers from Pigeon, Certified Lactation Consultant, Sunway Medical Centre & Monash University; There were booths from Pigeon, StemLife & Delight's Full Moon setup in the next hall for us parents to know more.

There were free samples from "Delight's Full Moon". Like a mini-introductory goodie bag. My hubby & I love the peanut flavor "Ang Koo Kuay".

StemLife also had a goodie bag with articles relating to Cord-Blood banking and benefits. It was quite informative and I am now 50% keen on this but I'm still unsure.

On our way out, we were given our goodie bag from Pigeon. They were really generous with their goodie bag. Inside includes :
1. Pigeon Disposable Breast Pads - 12pcs
2. Pigeon Breastmilk Storage Bottle (BPA-free) - 1 unit
3. Pigeon Baby Shampoo - 1 unit
4. Pigeon Baby Wipes Moisturizing Cloths (Recommended for Newborns - 70 wipes) - 1 packet
5. Sudocrem Nappy Rash Cream 10g - 1 unit
6. Rosken Skin Repair - Dry Skin Cream 15ml - 1 unit
7. Re-Gen Oil (Sample packet) - 1 packet
8. BON - Bon-biotics & ProBioKidz (Sample sachets) - 1 each
9. MIA Care - Acne Patch for Day (Sample pack) - 3 patches
10. DKSH - Mom & Baby mini pocket guide book to motherhood
11. Pigeon product leaflets
12. Pigeon Breastmilk pocket-guide book (This was given before the workshop started, as a reference book)

All in all, was really satisfied with this workshop. Helped alot and I won't say I am fully 101% prepared to be a perfect mother but I dare say that I am prepared for whatever it takes to be a mother to my family, regardless!

Atleast preparing clothes for our newborn baby was fun!

Making good use of Jusco Gift Vouchers  collected & kept for over a year (no expiry) to grab these goodies for baby. 5 packets of Merries diapers (Newborn-24pcs & S-24pcs) on offer RM 20.90 (RRP RM 25.00) each. Then of course we paid RM 0 because we used the Jusco Gift Vouchers instead ^^

Sad there's no jumbo pack though. But were waiting to check out the price comparison at the next Baby Fair in Mid Valley this coming October 2014.

Am also waiting for Merries & Drypers sample to arrive. Huggies Ultra diaper sample just arrived this week.

And finally, my cute lil' baby bump (where almost "everybody" can't notice unless I purposely touch/rub my belly). Do support me by clicking my picture and give me a "Like" for a contest in PetPet Facebook.

That's it for this blog posts ^^ Hope the information above helps all mummies out there ^^

If there's a Pigeon Workshop nearby you, I would recommend that you sign yourself up for it! Really worth every second!

Before you go, do support Pigeon Breastfeeding Cause. Stand a chance to win "Pigeon Hampers" once they reach their goal and there's also more informative takeaways at the end of the page you can grab from Pigeon.

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