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Sunday 6 July 2014

Relaxing Sunday

Today is one relaxing Sunday.

Baby Bump mid Wk 20 (6th July 2014)
The ingredient today is 50% Relax & 50% Lazy = 100% Sleepy...
Sometimes I wished Sunday had more than 24 hours, they should double it to reward us humans of the long working hours the whole week.

Was supposed to take a baby bump journey photo every single Sunday of the week but have been skipping most of the times. Basically, my hubby forgets and I've been having a pregnancy brain aka momnesia...
From Left to Right (July 2014, June 2014 & May 2014)
...Maybe the outfit I wore made me look not so fat now than before...
No wonder during my last check-up at Wk 18 when we kinda found out the gender of the baby, my doctor asked me why did I lose weight...................... Speechless................

My weightage timeline :
Apr 2014 (3rd Mth) - 69kg
May 2014 (4th Mth) - 68kg
June 2014 (mid 5th Mth) - 67kg
Checked today with my own weighting scale in the morning Wk20 - 69kg (but my weighting scale is never accurate.......)

1st Trimester - Puking and eating portion reduced by 50%-60%
2nd Trimester - No puking, eating back to normal. Normal eating portion for 1 pax (no major differences, yet), but had bad FLU and sore throat for a week & to-date still having phlegm and runny nose now...

Lovely food, been eating here for ages! Since 10 yrs ago.
Mandy's @ The Summit USJ, simple but tasty food served fresh without fail everytime. It's not crowded, only those nearby would know of this place. It's right next to Sushi King at LG floor. I love this place. Their western and chinese cuisine is really good! If you want something economical but East meets West fusion, you should drop by here to try. Their famous meal that is like an on-going promotion now, is the 50% Grilled Chicken Chop with Mushroom Rice.

MUST TRY!! Just order a drink and you get the Grilled Chicken Chop with Mushroom Rice at 50% off for RM 5.99 only.

Tau Fu Fa, good for baby's skin???
Bought back and ate tau fu fa & drank the whole bottle of soya bean tea time today... I still prefer "Soya King" brand but this is okay enough. This was at some random food truck at USJ 1 (further inside where people buy 4D numbers on Sundays). Some said drinking or eating this Tau Fu Fa will make the baby's skin smooth and white. Although there are a minority of people that says taking this will cause "Jaundice" for the baby. So which to believe? I say, just eat la! As long as it is safe to consume for mummy & baby then go ahead. Plus my sister has been taking this also no problem with her daughter. As long as baby & mummy is healthy, that's all that matters!

Bought this for RM35 because the aunty was very friendly & informative!
Baby Expo @ Summit USJ (4th - 6th July 2014). We almost forgotten about this event. Lucky we saw banners on our way to lunch at Mandy's @ The Summit so we decided to head to the Concourse level to check out the expo. "Mini-expo", not much choices but good thing it is not over-crowded like the Mum & Baby Expo @ Mid Valley. There was enough room to breathe and learn new things.

Things that caught my attention heading to my baby's shopping list :
Bamboolite : Cloth Diaper Trial Pack (Offer RM107.60)

Maxi Mum 2-phase Electric Breast Pump (Offer RM399 + 1 FOC Maxi Mum Manual Breast Pump)
Nuk Luna Electric Breast Pump (Offer RM399)
Lovely World : Modern Cloth Diaper (Offer RM199 + Package of 6 sets *or something like that*)

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