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Saturday 26 July 2014

Yummy Review : Flat White @ SS15

"Life Is Like A Cup Of Coffee, You'll Never Know What You Gonna Get" as seen while walking up 20 steps to awesome coffee. It's worth the climb! At "Flat White" served by coffee junkies in SS15.
Some shots taken along the 20 steps up to the cafe

Very authentic in the interiors, feels very country-like and cosy. Great place for coffee and just hangout with friends & families.

Be greeted at the entrance with some sweet desserts/cakes.

 Once you're seated, they'll hand a menu to you to view or you can view them on the chalkboards at the counter. Once you've decided, you can head to the counter to order and make your payment first.

You'll be handed with an order number which is handmade and classic. You don't often get this anywhere else ☺

 Meals are served efficiently. Don't have to wait long plus don't mind waiting because of the comfy environment.

American Breakfast-RM23 fluffy soft scrambled eggs (had to give my hubby cos I was pregnant), lovely sauteed button mushrooms, hash brown, grilled vine tomato, beef bacon, chicken chipolata served with signature toast. The toast was lovely! Crunchy all the way and the butter made the toast really fragrant. 
Love this meal! You can have this all day too! (Ps. All-Day-Breakfast)

Aglio Oilio (Abruzzo)-RM17 is Spaghetti cooked in sliced garlic, chilli padi infused with garlic emulsion and extra virgin olive oil. Tastes as good as it smells. Fragrant garlic and perfect blend of the chilli padi, garlic and olive oil. Really refreshing not too oily and just perfect at every bite. Yum!

Flat White (Hot)-RM9, fragrant coffee aroma with fluffy milk foam along with the beautiful artwork that sums up the logo for this cafe. Like my friend just commented on facebook, "Their coffee is very nice!". And we approve! Well, my hubby approves because I'm not a coffee lover plus I'm pregnant "no caffeine for 9 months" but I do know a good coffee when I smell it with my ever-so-sensitive nose-buds.

The dessert at the entrance caught my attention like "love at first sight". The "Oreo Mille Crepe" - RM11. Yummy and creamy at every layer.

Find out more here or just drop by to experience this place yourself! I insist!
Address : No. 73-1, Jalan SS15/8a, Subang Jaya 47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Opening Hours : 
Mon - Thurs (10am - 12am)
Fri - Sat (10am - 1am)
Sun (10am - 12am)

Flat White

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