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Tuesday 3 July 2018

4 Tips On Choosing A Flower Arrangement

I was never really a fan of flowers because I used to mix with boys alot. And their feedback was girls love flowers but it never last! Since then, I never fancied it. But today, it's not about what he or she says. It's really what comes behind the meaning of the flowers by itself. You see, flowers are a symbol of love, friendship, celebration, respect and beauty. It can become an ideal gift for that someone special to match any occasions, even if there are no occasions and you just feel like getting that someone special a flower gift, just do it! You may actually brighten up their day even with that small gesture of expression.

I remember when I received flowers for my birthday from my amazing friends from near and afar! It definitely made my day happier and just delighted. It's also memorable too! I never received flowers from anyone before, so receiving a flower gift arranged neatly with some decoration or snacks definitely makes things different and unique!

Nowadays, you can easily order birthday flowers, fruit basket, or even chocolates and stuff toys from a flower shop. You can customize it yourself or you can choose for a ready made flower arrangement that your recipient will definitely appreciate receiving it from you!

There are many florists all around the world. So if you happen to have a special someone or if you're in Singapore and you would want to get acquire the best bouquet of flowers with a unique arrangement, rest assured, you can look for the best florist in Singapore.

When choosing the right flower arrangements, one has to be sure to check with the right florist because it adds up to the beauty of the flowers.

Here are 4 tips to note when choosing a flower arrangement for that special someone :

1. Colors : The very first thing is the color of your flowers, different color resembles different meanings (like in the example below)

2. Consult a florists for the best advise, as they can suggest to you the right flowers and arrangement styles to suit your event.

3. Apart from how the flowers are being arranged, the size plays a big factor too. Especially where will it be placed? On the table display, on the counter, on the dining table, or at the entrance or at the foyer. All these different setup spot will play a part to further beautify and create a lasting memory for others viewing your flower arrangement gift when chosen correctly.

4. Sometimes going over the phone or consulting in person may cloud your vision or imagination of how the flower arrangement may look like at the end result. So it's a better idea to check online on the examples for a better visualization of how your flower arrangement will look like. Plus, you can save more by comparing pricing online across different channels too, so you get your money's worth.

All in all, a flower arrangement can make you or break you! Even the notes/wishes on the gift card plays an important role as well. Choosing the best flower arrangement plays an important role to make your event successful. Flowers with beautiful unique arrangements, can create a much livelier and beautiful space. If costings is of an issue, then you can source for a more affordable florist who can provide you with quality services.

My advise is, go for a florist that has been offering their services for years. This guarantees that they may have the possibility to offer you a much better satisfaction.

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