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Saturday 30 June 2018

Fun Family Moments at Kiddomo Universe Malaysia

With the emergence of kids playland mushrooming across the country in most shopping malls, it makes me wonder, which stands out better than the rest; Or are they the same.

So today I decided to visit Kiddomo Universe because my son has been reminding me to take him to the playground for 2 days! So I promised to bring him here over the weekend with daddy. And that's what happened...

We came at 4pm which is a few hours after lunch, so food is already digested and if we play here for a few more hours, we'll be just in time for dinner. So tea time is best for light snacks or none at all, but perfect if your kids loves running about like crazy or jump or climb. Atleast the chances of them puking is low!

Upon arrival, we registered ourselves in, took a photo together as a family with a webcam at the counter (for security purposes only). Then proceeded to get our hand wristbands. Jayden was below 2 years old (haven't reached his birthday) so he didn't need a tag, he can't even play most of the games.

Once we're in, we had to place our shoes, bags and strollers in the shelves (and put on your socks upon entering the play areas). Then the first thing to do which is compulsory, it's to get a character for yourself, to be able to play with the interactive games inside later on.

So it was the art photo first, followed by the 3D character animation with your face on the character! It was super cute and my son love it! Naturally as a born foodie himself (taking after me), he chose to be a chef for his character.

Then we proceeded inside, the first activity was the baby gym room for younger kids like mine. Jayden had a blast there! Daniel also had his fair share of fun with his brother and even me and my husband had fun too.

After that we headed to the HUGE pool filled with plastic balls! It was so much fun because even adults could enter to watch over your kids at a nearer distance or wait inside at the side while your kids go wild! My son was not used to it at first but he was pushing through the balls to get to the slide! Then it took him only awhile to be an expert at this area! We probably spent an hour here! He had so much fun with the other kids, some about his age and some slightly older than him.

The ball pool is shallow, hence, no jumping allowed but there were still older kids who jumps and their parents ignores it entirely. But there's a Kiddomo personnel inside overseeing all; They are like a safety lifeguard on standby there.

My youngest boy Jayden literally despise stepping into the ball pool. He would make a fuss and attempt to cry his eyes out whenever we try to let him in.

But I wouldn't recommend toddlers below 2 years old here (also subject to their height & courage) because they could be buried deep inside and it is not easy to find them, especially if they don't know how to push the balls away to get up. And don't expect other kids to be careful as they are playing inside because they are too focus having fun, it will make it harder to notice a young kid laying inside the pool of ball. So parents must always be there with your younger kids! That's your responsibility to your own child.

In the ball pool, there's an area where you have to locate the Dinosaur egg inside and place it over the egg scanner to see what Dinosaur you have caught. It's quite educational and interactive too. You can also play games with other kids at this area. Or just throw balls at each other just the fun of it. Parents also can play together, FINALLY! A pool of balls that adults can swim in for real!

Right next to the ball pool is cafe (on the right). They sell cafe food, snacks and drinks if you're hungry and your kids refuse to leave. You can grab a bite here without leaving Kiddomo Universe. They have a wide variety for your choosing. Pretty decent and neat concept! However, no eating allowed anywhere else inside except at the café here, so please don't low your kids to bring a sandwich into the ball pool because it is not allowed! If it gets dirty, you're not the one cleaning but that doesn't entitle you to be selfish ya. So please adhere to the rules inside for the better benefit of everybody.

There's also a small corner infront the cafe for you and your kids to read some books together or your kids can sit, layback and rest.

On the left side of the ball pool area are where the toilets and changing station are located at. There's a rubber slipper prepared outside the toilet for you to wear it in. So it keeps your socks dry. In the center, is a cute changing station room just enough for 1 parent to change their baby's diaper or to breastfeed their child. Sadly, I couldn't locate the plug point if you would have to pump breastmilk inside though, I could've missed it hidden somewhere but you can always call to check.

If you walk further in to the next area it's the YUME, the dream zone. It's really dark inside because it's all technology here and it's super cool! So please hold on to your kids and don't grab the wrong kid or wrong wife/husband, ahahahaha! There's a motion sensor TV display where you have to move to pop balloons.

Then you can also climb up to the slide area and slide down to see how fast you went as the slide will show you your scores right after you slide! If you follow the notice board on the slide, you can actually slide faster with the tips that they provided!

I tried it and I went at the speed of 790 (also because I'm heavier than my kid hahahhaha)!

Below the slide is a bicycle where it's coming soon, a new attraction on the way.

Then right next to it is the Karaoke room! You get to sing and dance and watch yourself on TV with backgrounds where you can choose from.

A little advise, don't wear light GREEN here! My husband wore light green and you can only see his head, hands and bottom half of his body! Lolx! It was hilarious that I burst out laughing!

There's also 2 machine here where you can swing the magic wand and play adventure games where you follow the instructions/direction to point and play.

In the center is a huge interactive play area that looks super cool! Perfect for adults or elderly kids. Table was too tall for my kids. However, I couldn't scan my tag on it. So was unable to play this game with my husband and kids. But the main highlight here is most definitely the animated 4R come alive Dinosaurs! And it's really cool!

Get your kids to choose which Dinosaur they'd like to color with crayons, readily available on the tables. Once they're done, bring over and place it under the scanner and tag the wristband to activate the scanning process. Then watch the huge wall screen for their animated Dinosaur to come alive and it will start walking around! If you colour 3 Dinosaurs and scan them in, you can actually create your own Dinosaur world for your kids and then you can proceed to get the Dinosaur world printed out to bring home. However there was no one attending to the printer then so I didn't print it.

Over here at Kiddomo Universe, they clean their premises every 3 weeks once. They use a germ-free system that really cleans thoroughly even in the ball pool. When I was there, it was really clean! I could just lay there all day without worrying. What I like about this playland is that upon entering, if they notice your child is feeling or looking unwell, they will be asked to take their temperature. However, some parents are insensitive and they refuse to allow that at times. So please co-operate lah, they are not implying that your child is unwell, they just want to be sure that they are feeling okay to be able to have fun inside for longer hours and it's also for the well-being of the other kids inside as well.

Basically if your kids starts to feel off or they just recovered (esp. from chicken pox, HFMD, viral infection etc) please keep them quarantined at home for another week or so. Because you wouldn't want to cause another child to be infected by your child's illness.

Don't be selfish and be understanding. You wouldn't want your kids to be affected through someone else the same way right? So be considerate, okay?

There's a few more attractions on the way that are still work-in-progress. But rest assured that this is definitely a place your kids and you will enjoy altogether as a family!

LIt's a great place for party too! I was glad to be able to see a party setup while I was there, so I got to experience how it is like having a party in there. You & your kids will surely love it! They also have a Kids Birthday Party Package for your choosing.

This place is huge! But if you feel lazy, you or your kids can sit and straddle on any unattended pony throughout the playland. It takes awhile to get used to straddling the pony so it will be funny at the start!

So if you're considering to drop by; Consider no more! Just come and bring the whole family along! Definitely well worth the time that you will be spending here, with all the precious memories and moments you and your family will create together! I was here for 2 hours, we were exhausted and hungry. My kids was asking for food. So we decided to walk the mall. Upon exiting, I found out that 2 hours is too little! There was a family who came at 11am and left at 6pm! I don't think I could last that long. My kids maybe yes, haha!

Please take note :
Bring socks for everyone when you come to play. In fact, bring socks everytime for everyone because majority playland require them. You can also buy it if you forgetten to bring. Also the interactive activities are only available for a limited time! So best to follow them on their channels to know what's happening!

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Kiddomo Universe Contact Info :
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Tel : +6012-7027-969
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Opens from 10am - 10pm / Monday to Sunday

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