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Wednesday 6 June 2018

Funtime Never Stops with Carrie Junior

Having fun is a blessing in disguise! Because you get to enjoy the laughter and joy from within you! It is especially joyful to have fun times with the kids.

My kids at their age now, it's all about playtime, sensory play and even role play. Like taking them to the park or to the children's play area, they love it so much that they rather stay there!

Thankfully my home is filled with much fun for them with a slide and toys that they like and educational board games and toys they can learn while play with it (and someday destroy it).

However, there will always be a concern on hygiene. Because there's too many bacteria these days that we can't keep our child 100% clear of those bacterias. My gynae even once told us that we can't be too clean because that will also cause problems in future as we become sensitive to little bit of dirt. So a little bit of dirt is actually good because it helps our body to naturally grow and build a protective system to fight whatever bacteria that we may come in contact with.

A clean and healthy life, starts from young. It is good to be moderate in everything that we do because everything has its pros and cons. However a good habit is important to have especially for the kids, such as washing their hands before mealtimes or cleaning up after play.

If you are like me, who loves heading out frequently and also bringing kids to parks and playgrounds to spend quality time with them; You will experience times where you may have no access to water or soap for washing the hands especially afterwards.

This is where I found that Carrie Junior actually helps in that sense where the new Carrie Junior FunTime Wipes, is suitable for everyone especially families with younger kids; It comes in an easy to carry pack of 30 wipes RM7.30 WM / RM7.70 EM (*inc GST, sendiri minus 6% ya) or the family pack of 80 wipes RM9.00 WM / RM9.50 EM (*inc GST, sendiri minus 6% ya) where you can put into your bags, in the car or at the play area at home. Just remove 1 wipe and clean the hands of your child or yourself.

My son loves to explore places and touch things that he can reach for; the walls, stairs, handles, trolley carts and etc. So when it comes to meal time and if I have no access to water, I just simply pull out a piece of Carrie Junior FunTime Wipes and cleans his hands thoroughly before meals (especially the stuck dirt between his nails).

If you have school going children, this will be great for them to bring to school. As they can easily practise cleaning their hands before meals at school or after an activity in school. So it's quite convenient too.

There's actually two fruity variants of Cheeky Cherry and Smoothie Berries, and it is specially formulated with Fruito-E, which is a combination of fruit extracts rich in vitamins and nutrients to help nourish and moisture skin.

I like how it feels on my skin after using this unlike some other wipes that feels sticky and drying or weird tingling irritation. This one cleans good enough and doesn't leave any residue behind, leaving behind only a delightful scent of fruity flavours on your skin.

I especially like that it's Dermatologically tested and certified Halal. It's also alcohol-free, paraben-free, formaldehyde-free and hypoallergenic. The wipes are also designed to be ultra-moist that is mild and gentle on your children's delicate skin.

I would say overall, it's really convenient for travelling on-the-go, outdoor activities, mealtimes, play times and more.

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