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Sunday 24 June 2018

My 27 hotspots in Melawati Mall Malaysia

With so many malls all around Klang Valley, it really makes you wonder which ones are worth visiting. Today I was taken on a retail passport tour to 27 outlets inside Melawati Mall!

Was grateful to enjoy my Raya shopping experience in the hearts of Melawati! Let me share these amazing hotspots with discounts and offer not to be missed!

(GF) Ground Floor @ Melawati Mall :

San Francisco (GF, 27)
We started our tour at San Francisco, a great start today with a satisfying club sandwich and Icelandic Lemon to spark up my vibes for a #retailpassport tour in Melawati Mall! This is a very neat and serene concept where you can see pottery plants hanging from the ceiling with a really relaxing backdrop. This concept really makes you feel like staying longer because of the cosy environment. It's like having a cup of coffee at the garden/patio.

U.S Polo Assn. (GF, 24)
U.S Polo Assn. provides a variety of men's and women's apparel to footwear, bags and accessories, it's definitely one hotstop not to be missed. It's the official brand of United States Polo Association (USPA), a non-profit governing body for polo sports in US since 1890. Basically, it's high quality apparels at reasonable pricing to meet your everyday needs and style! My husband would love some apparels here that I may get for him. Depends how he treats me, ahahhahahaa!

Wah Chan (GF, 04)
An exhilarating retail passport experience at Wah Chan in Melawati Mall unleashing the beauty in us! So if you're looking for a unique, timeless, distinctive and beautiful design that never goes out of fashion, then don't think any further and come over and be mesmerized! Because a jewelry is like a biography, it's a story that tells the many chapters of our life. Wah Chan is the 3rd largest jeweller in Malaysia, in terms of number of outlets, with 37 boutiques nationwide!

Max Fashion (GF, 32-35)
Another great selection of apparels for the whole family; To suit different lifestyle and personality may it be at work or at play. You can even grab their amazing Football Fever Collection over here! It's one of the largest value fashion brands across Middle East (origin from Dubai) with 425 stores across 19 countries, that has their own private label clothing with offers from RM15 onwards; AND offering 3000 latest styles, trends and offers under RM39 for the whole family of every age, gender and size!

Their Ramadhan collection is a very sophisticated and contemporary, yet, stylish and graceful which is perfect to suit our Malaysian lifestyle and weather! Comfy and smart with delicate detail and embellishments that simply reflects fashionable elegance! A great mix and blend of simplicity and uniqueness for the gents; Whilst the ladies can enjoy soft pastel hues with garden floral prints on flowing fabrics that is soft to the touch!

It's affordable, unique, good quality with a huge range of choice, for all ages of life; AND it gives you the choice to instantly transform your appearance from a casual to a formal look to one that is suited for auspicious events at the same time (got accessories also)! Find them at Max Fashion (GF-32, 33, 34 & 35), it's hard to miss them because of the 4,000 sqft lot!

(LG) Lower Ground Floor @ Melawati Mall :

Pet Lovers Centre (LG 20)
PLC is a well-known household name on Malaysia that is a pioneer in pet food and accessory retail from Singapore. They have a variety of pets solution for every household; from fishes to rabbits to pet cats and dogs and much more! My kids love this place the most! They will always drop by for a visit just to see the hamsters, rabbits and sometimes birds in the glass/cage.

Daily Fresh (LG, 09)
Daily fresh offers you snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth, cravings and just for a super quick bite on-the-go. They have waffles and I usually order them with a special request for it to be slightly overcooked (I'll tell them I want "garing sikit") so that it comes out crispy! They even have ready-to-eat flavoured corn where you can warm it back up and eat on-the-go. They also have ice blended corn beverages, cool Ice Kimo, low fat Gelato Ice-Cream and popcorns too. Lest not forget the famous sweet corn cup!

They have a special flavour introduced here, which is the Wafel Sandwic Sambal Ikan Bilis RM4.50. In between the waffle they put cucumbers, sliced hard boil egg, mayonnaise, marjerin and anchovies sambal that is really spicy!

Pappa Roti + Kris Krust (LG, 26)
The phenomenal Pappa Roti has over 400 cafes around the world! And came to Malaysia since 2003. I remember back when it arrived, the queue was crazy! But it was amazing to sink your teeth into hot fluffy melt in your mouth buttery coffee buns! It's scent is heavenly! It takes fresh hot bakes buns to another level with the coffee aroma!
Kris Krust is just next to Pappa Roti and it's concept is really unique, as it is like burgers but made out of, signature hand-folded puff pastry, made by their in-house bakers, to create a soft and crispy texture in between the juicy meat patty of your choice (chicken, fish, beef, lamb). Rest assured, it's HALAL certified.

There's also a seating area inside where you can spend your tea time or get your in-between meals with your family and friends when you dine-in here!

(L1) First Floor @ Melawati Mall :

The Travel Store (L1, 31)
Travel Store provides a safe and pleasant trip for everyone with their quality luggages, travel bags, backpack, winter apparels, outdoor equipment and travel accessories! You and your family can travel with much more ease with these lovely luggages of various designs and sizes to suit each and everyone while maximizing on its capabilities to give you a peace of mind of a safe and secured bag while travelling!

Elianto (L1, K2)
Elianto's beauty, makeup and skincare products invaded Melawati Mall since 15th Sept 2017. They offer a variety of make up selection and advancely developed cross-category make ups that are beneficial to your skin! Now they have the Musang King range that really gives you that Durian fragrant sensation on your lips and skin! You may have to get extra lipsticks because you might end up licking your lips non-stop.

Common Sense (L1, 08)
If you're into cartoons, this may be the pitstop for you and the whole family! It's none other than Common Sense! No la, I'm not scolding you la, don't perasan k. Common Sense is a retail space that specializes in T-Shirts that are cartoon-inspired. It's been around since 2016 and suitable for ladies, men, girls and boys (practically anyone everyone lah). And GOOD NEWS! as it will be opening its first store in East Coast Kuantan, which will be their 9th store this July 2018!

With the high demand for their collection and unique range of variety with a reasonable price tag; Common Sense has taken on the competitive retail scene to another level! A flirt between street style and casual through T+shirts that expresses the inviduality through your favourite graphic/cartoon. There's no gimmicks to this, just good products that you will love and want to buy! Price ranges from RM19 to RM89 and all designs are created in-house with limited supply to ensure unique designs are consistently available! This means, you may rarely bumped into a stranger out there wearing the same thing!

What recognisable icon is under their coverage?
14! That's alot per say! They have Coca-Cola, Disney, SpongeBob, We Bare Bears, Adventure Time, Sesame Street, Peanuts, Pacman, Transformers, Justice League, Billboard, Garfield, Miffy, Mr Men & Little Miss! So it only makes sense to come over to Common Sense (L1-08) and grab your favourite cartoon-inspired t-shirts, one for each family member!

(L2) Second Floor @ Melawati Mall :

A-Saloon+ (L2, 13)
A-Saloon+ at Melawati Mall, a hair salon to beautify and bring out a more natural outstanding you! They even have a Muslimah Private Room for their Muslimah customers at no extra charge and they even carry a certified HALAL hair color imported from Italy! And if you follow them on FB/IG, you get to enjoy additional 10% discount! I'll share more with you on this soon, as I am bound to make an appointment to give myself an overdue hairdo pretty soon! So stay tuned!

Aster Spring (L2, 14)
Aster Spring, since 1984, is now a leading chain of professional skin health management salons and kiosk across ASEAN and Hong Kong. Committed to providing you the best skin health with their products, people and presence! I was able to tour around their outlet in Melawati Mall and check out their new Dermalogica products. That's not all! You get to enjoy a package (worth RM1,256) of facial and products for only RM500 for a limited period only! So head on over to grab this value pack for your loved ones!

Young Hearts & Young Curves Lingerie (L2, 01)
Young Hearts always gives me a sense of gentleness. Because firstly their concept stores are really sweet looking and the colors are just too sweet to handle! It's like a really girly place to be in and makes you feel really like a teenager all over again!

Jubahsouq (L2, 06)
Jubahsouq provides the latest modesty style in Muslim fashion exclusive to ladies and gents from all walks of life. The design is very simple, sleek and stylish.

Toys'R'Us (L2, 36)
Toys'R'Us, no need to say... Both my sons love this place! I can spend 1 hour here just watching them play or checking out the toys. Before I had kids, I sometimes come by with my then-boyfriend (now husband already la) and we will just goof around and try not be kicked out or looked at weirdly by the other parents or kids haha! I have itchy hands btw, so I'll come in and especially toys where you can demo with a push of the button and it goes on in a row of display, so I just had that urge to press, press, press, press, press and then quietly walk away to burst out laughing with my then-boyfriend (now husband).

I still do it now and my kids are truly entertained, they have ours genes hahahaha!

MPH bookstore (L2, 37)
I'm an avid online shopper myself but I could never proceed to checkout on MPHonline because I felt the need for that physical connection with the real book in hand! And it's not just the book, in MPH you get to be immersed into the scent of fresh books on the shelf racks, sometimes woody and sometimes the fresh scent of new paper, especially paper-back books!

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy books! And that's kind of the same thing for me. And just for all of you reading this, you get to enjoy 50% off USBORNE BIG PICTURE ATLAS and also their Sassy & Inky collection on promo that is really classy! Just the way I like!

(L3) Third Floor @ Melawati Mall :

Baba Nyonya by Sambal Chili (L3, 07)
Baba Nyonya offers a colourful variety of local Baba Nyonya cuisines that you won't easily find it anywhere! Because my out-laws (sister's in-laws) are Baba Nyonya, and her MIL makes really good Baba Nyonya cuisines! So I can vouch that Baba Nyonya food is definitely in a world of its own and a rare find gem! Hence, this place is definitely worth coming by to take your tastebuds to another journey of wonders!

NY Steak Shack (L3, 08)
NY Steak Shack is my favourite since they started in Malaysia! Because I love western food and over here it is so affordable! Now they are offering the All New Sharing Platter! Today lemme intro to you the Beef Skewers and Beef Platter here. They all look great together with the yummy looking sauce and when you're hungry, anything goes!

Sopoong (L3, 20)
Sopoong is a Korean restaurant where they serve ala carte food from the menu. I love their rice cake soup because it's really flavourful and rice cakes are chewy! But I can never finish 1 whole bowl, the rice cakes are quite fulfilling. Must share only can finish it. So for the price and portion size, it's worth it.

Just look at all their other amazing dishes! It's all really delicious and I love their new Kimchi Fried rice with cheese! Apparently it was created based on customers demand to add cheese in it. What I would like to highlight is this retail chain is actually considered homemade! Because it's a family business, the recipe is all from the mother of the family and this outlet here is managed by their son and daughter-in-law, both Korean. So rest assured this is a definitely good Korean restaurant to satisfy your hunger and tastebuds with the true Korean homemade goodness!

They only serve beef, chicken and seafood; vegetarians are welcome, and it's not spicy PLUS you get FREE side dishes and FREE refills to that! Pricing wise is way too affordable for such homemade delicacies!

Pizza Hut (L3, 29)
Pizza Hut celebrates together with Malaysians launching their new Madu Padu pizza since Ramadhan and Raya! And It's gonna be ending soon till 14th July 2018 only! And to be honest! I love it! If u are a cheese lover, pizza lover, meat lover and basically a foodie at heart, you will love this!

Loaded with chicken bites, tasty diced cheese that tastes like baked parmesan/cheddar if not mistaken; And topped with a unique twist of special honey drizzle and crispy tortilla in between each pizza slices! I seriously enjoyed this dish here at Melawati Mall because it feels as if the ingredients have been carefully selected and flavours crafted to magically and harmoniously come together, creating a perfect blend of extraordinary taste that will definitely keep you coming back for more!

Kek Span Oree (L3, K2)
If you have ever heard of the hype on the Eggy Sponge Cake where people queue just to get a cake for their own. Then this is the place to be. Because everytime the eggy sponge cake comes out from the oven, it smells like heaven! They even have Chocolate, Cheese, Oreo & Cream and Original egg sponge cake for your choosing!

Hei Sushi (L3, 23-24)
Incase you didn't know, Hei Sushi is a sister brand of Sakae Sushi. Hei Sushi bridges the gap between Sakae Sushi with a wide selection of Japanese cuisine prepared with a touch of local flavours. A gastronomic adventure of exquisite flavor, fresh ingredients, quality assurance, Halal certified at an affordable price that is value for money!

Good2U (L3, 17)
Good2U offers amazing fashion choices that will not burn a hole in your wallet/pocket! It's really good if you're looking for apparels with a limited budget on hand! Must definitely drop by to check out!

They don't sell counterfeits! The price is low because they are able to source then direct from factory in bulk and they don't sell rejects. If there are any defects, it can be returned to Good2U within 14 days with the item tag still attached & original receipt. And if they find the item has a defect issue, Good2U will take the initiative to recall back from all Good2U stores and won't be sold anymore.

A real family friendly shop not to be missed!

Sixth Floor @ Melawati Mall :

ME Clinic (L6, 18)
Me! time at ME Clinic. They have 3 outlets across Malaysia. Skudai JB, Berjaya Times Square KL and Melawati Mall. An aesthetic clinic where the consultation doctor will attend to your skin and recommend the best treatment to suit you. As a mother of 2, it is good to pamper ourselves with some quality me time and pamper our skin atleast once!

Kidz Zone (L6, 21 & 22)
This is a fun playland for the kids! A great place to host birthday parties for your little ones and just bring them over to have fun! I like how the area is big enough for parents to sit and wait as they watch over their kids having fun in the play area. There's also separate areas specific to birthday parties that can be held simultaneously on the same day with other birthday boys/girls.

The best part is the shooting balls inside he play area that looks like too much fun that even I would love to play together with my kids. There's also some puzzle areas and the nice huge slide; And the theme is of the deep blue ocean. It's the one and only Kidz Zone of this in Melawati Mall, they do not have any branches elsewhere. They even have a special offer now for "Buy 5 free 1 ticket! OR Buy 10 and free 3 tickets!".

Row Six (L6, 07)
Row Six presents to you a fusion of cuisines from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Since 2010, Row Six's authentic recipe and cooking methods prove to bring out the best in all of these cuisines in terms of exotic taste, aroma of these Nanyang dishes and the presentation of these colorful eye-catching cuisines. My friends recommended to try their "Nasi Ketuk with Chicken Rendang, RM21.95" which was on the "World's 50 Most Delicious Food".

We manage to experience the "Row Six Combo Set, RM39.95" that consists of 2 spring roll that makes a perfect match with the fish sauce, 6 chicken satay that has a really generous meat portion on each satay stick with a nutty peanut satay sauce, 3 fish cake that was spicy with a kick!, 1 bowl of kerabu jellyfish, 3 BBQ spiced chicken wings.

That's not all, you get to enjoy 30% discount just for reading this! Register HERE to grab your 30% discount before you dine-in at Row Six at Melawati Mall!

Fitness First (L6, 0)
After the whole day of retail tour, we ended our day doing fitness. Freestyle movement exercise. I lasted (or not) less than 15min. I skipped the other half and was eager to run away to go shopping instead. However, it was fun! I could lift weights (very light only)! So cooooool! I even measured my weight and body fat mass etc. Where the "Leng Chai" consultant gave me an overview on my current body situation on the fat mass (almost touching border line), bone weight which is good means good calcium (and I never drank milk since 2yo lolx maybe I ate alot of meat), water not good (must drink more water) but overall my body age is 38! Nooooooooo! Then he asked me, I got exercise? Lolx! Never in my life, but maybe now I should reconsider as I just touched 30 this month!

The next day :

So visit Melawati Mall for a true shopping extravaganza experience that is fun and too many food, sights, see, entertainment and things to do with the whole family!

I'll be heading back again soon! Haven't finish shopping for baju la~

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