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Friday 29 June 2018

Hersday Gives Me The Freedom To Be Me

I remember when I was 15 and I had my first mensus. It was kind of exciting, weird and awkward at the same time. Thankfully, my mom was always there by my side to guide me and tell me things that I should know of (like Sex Education lah... Apa lagi...). However, she did summarize why I was having mensus and how to care for myself properly.

You see, I was growing up into a young teenager. I remembered the first brand of sanitary pads I bought and used, it was horrible, thick and so uncomfortable. Then after trying a few more, I finally found that 1 brand that I stayed loyal to.

Even until I delivered both my kids, I purposely bought the Ultra Thin Overnight Wings sanitary pads just for my confinement for one month. And most mother's would be aware that during that one month of confinement we will have "lochia discharge" (Google up to find out more ya). And it sometimes varies from a little to too much to spottings to random flows until it is completely discharged. And as a modern mom, wearing the one and only maternity pad which is a stick on or a string to hang; I just could not move in it, let alone feel comfortable at all! So I must have an overnight wing sanitary pad with me at all times (also because I have heavy menstruals too).

If only Hersday was available back then, it would've definitely change things alot! However, it ain't too late! After testing out this product, I am amazed and awed by it's super quick absorption and the amount of absorbency for its' size is definitely amazing!

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The left is the Hersday pad versus the right is my one and only sanitary pad I've been using over the years. Just look at how good and quick it absorbs and dries out in a split second! We usually see tests like this at hypermarkets by the promoters but you can do it yourself at home and then you will know the benefit of your own sanitary pads.

Disclaimer : The liquid kinda looks like pee but it's not pee. Over here I used scrapped pandan leaves (hence some leftover residue in the later videos on the Hersday pad) for the greenish colour and diluted with water. I have no watercolour (kids haven't strated painting at home) or any food colouring on hand at home. So I had to go plant-based.

Please tell me you're amazed by its' wonders! I have personally used it and it felt as if I, was not menstruating at all! It kept me staying dry and comfortable. It was almost unnoticeable to me that I was having mensus! And knowing me, I don't praise sanitary pads as much as this. In fact, I have never praised any sanitary pads before!
So this is really worthy of sharing my personal experience with you. And it's also affordable as seeing menstrual cycle is a monthly affair; So it makes sense to have a subscription box of Hersday sanitary pads delivered to your doorstep.

Day Use (245mm)

Night Use (290mm)

Liner (160mm)

It really covers the whole area of the panties and no excess exposed areas and it's really comfortable too, plus it stays dry!

I also like its wings as it really sticks on and secure nicely without damaging either the pad nor leaving any glue residue behind.

It's only USD 4.99 now (NP USD 12.99), and this special offer is for pre-orders now that will be shipped out from 15th Aug 2018 onwards.

So if you'd like to subscribe a box for yourself now, you can do so over here

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