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Saturday 16 June 2018

Raya Day 2 Outing with the Kids

Raya Day 2, was also interesting for us. We visited a new restaurant nearby for noodles (non-halal), it was kind of costly but the pork balls were nice, the noodles had lots of big fat fried pork lards in it, you can read more here.

After lunch, my husband just didn't wanna go home, so we decided to venture out to Cyberjaya.

Yes, it was our first time to Cyberjaya and I was kind of disappointed because I was expecting to be "WOW-ed" since it's supposed to be a digital city etc. But sadly... I felt Putrajaya was far better in comparison.

We went to DPULZE Mall in Cyberjaya for window shopping. Played some games at the Molly Fantasy children's arcade and had some snacks and drinks along the way. We saw this vending machine where people won prizes etc, so we decided to try our luck and we "asked which number was calling to us that will bring us more money with ease?" (Using the tools from Access Consciousness) Both of us got the #13!

We won this smartphone camera lens clip with Macro and Fish-Eye lens. It was fun because it was the exact same thing my husband was talking to me the day before about asking me to find a camera lens for my phone because of my love for photography. And "ta-daaaa" we got what we asked for! Amazing right!

So a new cute tool for me to play with and practise with. We also checked out TGV cinema and we wanted to buy tickets to Incredible 2 but there was no Twin Seats and just regular seats so we forgo the idea. We might try for tomorrow instead!

We then took a quick drive to Putrajaya and enjoyed the view of the bridge overlooking the sweet serenity of the man-made lake. It was just breathtaking.

We head back in time for a birthday party event and my kids had lots of fun (apart from me raising my stern voice because I forbid my son to go upstairs without permission, my husband almost ROFL because everyone freezed and looked at me in silence for that brief moment, that is the effect I have when I use my strict motherly voice) atleast my son is aware, he understands and listens.

So I am grateful to him for being a good boy most of the times. He is at the stage where he wants to have his own opinion and choice, and I allow him all of that, if he is aware of his action and choices.

It was a fun day for the whole family. It was not perfect, nothing is perfect but it is the best kind on its own.

Ps. The Go-Grill-Lah was delicious!

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