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Thursday 28 June 2018

Polident Empowers Malaysians To Eat, Speak and Smile with Confidence

Do you know it's Dental Awareness Month this July? 
Let me share this beautiful collaboration between (GSK) GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd and Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) as they embark on another journey to help dental wearers in Malaysia to have a better understanding, by providing them with a *FREE Denture Care Check Up. This programme will be a one month long initiative in July that will be available at participating clinics across nationwide in Malaysia.

During the launch today, the collaboration between GSK, MDA and Guardian, highlights a strong message across all Malaysians from all walks of life of all ages; And that is 
"Eat, Speak and Smile with Confidence"
GSK's Polident aims to empower denture-wearing Malaysians with the knowledge to overcome challenges with their dentures. Hence, their aim is to also bring back confidence to the wearer's to live their life normal again and don't be shy!

For most people, dentures is not an open topic where one would openly brag about. Because it can change the way you live your life and most of those who are affected, are usually unprepared for this change. However, Polident made a difference when they first launched in Malaysia. And nowadays, most dentists would recommend Polident to their clients because as said by Alycia Tan (Marketing Manager of Oral Care in GSK) "10% of Malaysians are denture wearers and that's millions of people we're talking about"

Many thought wearing dentures means you are aging, however, it's not true! It can happen to anyone. Today, they had invited Malaysians on stage to share their personal experience as a denture wearer themselves. It was inspiring and heartwarming to hear their story and how their life changed with Polident products.

From left, YM Raja Saleha bt YM Raja Yusop, YM Raja Azura bt Tengku Ahmad Tajudin, and the other denture wearers sharing their story through the ups and downs, and their life-changing journey.

YM Raja Saleha, wore dentures since age 30 plus. "Last time, it took a few months to get a denture because it takes time to soften the gums for the denture. Back then, it was embarrassing to say you're wearing denture. Not until Polident came and everyone had more confidence to put on dentures, and it was nothing embarrassing anymore. Many people around me proudly say they are users of Polident instead of saying they are wearing fake teeth. So it gave people more confidence to be open about their denture experience nowadays. When I started. It was uncomfortable. Definitely not the same with original teeth. At night I have to soak and that time, there was no Polident or the tablet to soak. So I have to soak overnight and it takes time. Even at night also it's not comfortable because there's no teeth."

"But now with Polident tablet, it takes only 3-5 minutes and it is clean again to use. Now I have more confident when I eat, smile, talk to ppl. It improved my self confidence. Now, even like today, if I have to talk longer, I don't have to worry of my denture shaking or falling off with the Polident 3D hold in place. After using Polident, I tried eating Dodol and I felt really happy because I could eat as normal again. One thing I must highlight, the Polident tablet is non-scented and it really cleans your dentures. And you can easily get them at Guardians pharmacy."

"I had an accident, and it affected my upper right tooth area. I suffered alot, there were a few months I couldn't eat. I had to consume porridge and liquid food. It was hard when I started but it gets better, especially after Polident came about. I still go for follow ups for my denture because we still have to eat and fully maximize our denture so a check up routine is important."

Which is also why most dentists will advise you to go for a routine check up to ensure that your dentures support is still in tact. Dr. Ng Woan Tyng, President of Malaysian Dentist Association says that, "Denture usually lasts but I would recommend to change dentures every 3 to 5 years because our oral condition can change."

"I struggled when eating food like chicken etc. Most times I have to close my mouth because of fear that it will fall out, even when gargling my mouth. However, down the road as I use Polident, it has definitely made me more confident and made a difference in my life because I teach students so I have to talk alot. Some people thought I was a quiet person, but it's not true, it was at beginning that I tried to minimize my talking because it was not a norm for me. I still follow up with my doctor because my partial denture is on the upper center tooth. But I only visit my dentists like twice a year which is lesser compared to last time without Polident."

"I have gum issue and it made my tooth loosen, not all the tooth but some. And I'm still young but I don't know why it happens to me, maybe weak or unhealthy gums? I remembered when I first took the opportunity to get denture, it was not comfortable, I couldn't talk nicely, not in a clear speech and it took me after 6 months to speak clearly. My cheeks looked like I just had Botox at the beginning and I felt shy. I couldn't eat much food, only soft food. After 3 to 4 months it was better and now, back to normal. After using Polident, I felt better when I eat and talk to people. It even gave me the support I needed when I work at an education centre in Cheras so I have to talk to students and parents. Now I can smile better."

"As a masseuse, I have to represent myself. You see, I have a problem with the gap. When there's no denture in place, my other tooth feels loosen, and with the denture it's better. I also had an issue with chewing; That's why I need denture because, if I don't chew properly, I will have indigestion and eating is difficult especially nuts, solid food etc. For the first time using it, I was really reluctant to put my dentures on because it hurts, it's quite tight too. But now Alhamdullilah, it's much better and I feel more confidence when I'm using denture. My advise to new wearers is to put it on, try it a few times and you will definitely get used to it and live your life back to normal again."

Today, we also get to learn from Dr Natasha (Prosthodontist & Senior Lecturer from Faculty of Dentistry UKM) who shares her knowledge on denture care and tips to clean your dentures as well. Some of the tips she mentioned when caring for your dentures is, to not brush them with toothpaste, because it can cause scratches on the surface of the denture causing it to build-up trap dirt & potentially breed bacterias within the scratches. Also another important tip is brushing is a mechanical way whilst soaking is a chemical way. When done together, it can clean more than when it's done separately. Plus, always use a soft toothbrush and don't brush too hard.

Dr Ng Woan Tyng is the President of the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) which aims to promote the art and science of dentistry in Malaysia; Encourages Malaysian Denture wearers to leverage on the *FREE Denture check up available Nationwide where you can check their participating clinics here. MDA is an association of approx. 5,000 members and an estimated 3,000 are participating as more and more are coming on board to be listed for this initiative.

GSK wants to encourage denture wearers to have the best possible solution for a better oral health and comfort Inn their denture fixtures. Therefore, as part of this launch today, besides the *FREE Denture Care Check up in the month of July nationwide, GSK now offers a "Polident Money Back Guarantee" programme nationwide from July to August 2018

How it works is, if you are not satisfied after using Polident, you can fill up the form online or manually.

Tiffany Choo (Head of Personal Care, Guardian Malaysia) states that through past history, Polident as a brand has established a good foothold in Malaysia bringing the people back their confidence. They believe the products is beneficial to most Malaysians.

My dad is a denture wearer himself for many years now. I remember back when he had to soak his denture overnight everyday and eating or talking was difficult. Thankfully for Polident, he is able to enjoy his food as he always does! And now with these amazing programme onboard this July/August, he is definitely happy about it! Especially the *free check up and money back guarantee programme.

So please don't be shy, if you do, then just like YM Raja Azura bt Tengku Ahmad Tajudin shared today, don't announce you're wearing a fake teeth, just proudly say "I am a Polident user".

Visit Polident.com.my for more details.

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