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Monday 23 July 2018

My Experience on Breastfeeding Storage Bags & AppleTree Malaysia

Have you ever come across a malfunction breastmilk storage bag?! Well, most moms I know on FB has complained over several brands that may seem good, popular or may have a hefty price tag to it, but failed to deliver as promise at times! Some call it pure luck but to me, it's a wear and tear defect for sure.

I have been using several brands now, I won't name them here because I ain't gonna compare each of them. But I have come across a few disasters myself throughout my 4 years of breastfeeding journey and counting!

I remember the time I had to pump around the clock every 2 hours for the second week of my confinement because my eldest was admitted for 4 days and 3 nights for jaundice. It wasn't easy at the beginning, there was no convenient type of silicon pump back then and I had to get used to the hospital's standard breastpump and bottles for storage. So marking it was quite tedious, Thankfully the nurses was helpful! And not one drop is wasted!

Then I had over excess of breastmilk due to my pumping schedule that I had to slowly reduce and regulate back my milk production to suit my child. Because I allow my child to direct latch as much as possible day and night (I always unlatch them after they zzzzzzz la). So the extra milk I had was kinda wasted because my kids always had fresh BM and the extra kept in bottles or storage bags usually goes past their recommended duration (kept in freezer) that is not suitable for consumption. But bottles was taking up so much space in my fridge & the storage bags I had it was either too small 7oz or too big 12oz and I had to always Google check 1oz is how many ml! (Too used to measuring liquid in mL form, suddenly had to know about Oz!) - Oz means ounces, mL means milliliter which usually adds up to liters

Thankfully breastmilk can be used to make liquid soaps, soap bars, lotions, jewellery keepsakes and even milk bath! (Some even use it to cook or added into their coffee or tea, but not me haha, I can't get pass that stage lolx)

The biggest disaster is when you try to thaw your EBM stored in the storage bags and then there's holes, so it gets contaminated and leaks after thawing! Nothing really makes you feel even worse than to watch your precious EBM wasted like that! (I'm definitely not gonna recommend let alone mention that storage bag brand!!)

Ever since then, I've explored and learned alot and found that Appletree Breastmilk storage bags actually does as it says. Am pretty convinced and confident to be even able to write this to share with you. Afterall, good things should be shared.

If you don't know how to use a storage bag for storing breastmilk, you can watch the video below.

And here's a some additional information on breastmilk storage tips and also a pumping schedule for your reference.

Lastly, please remember that pumping milk does not equal to the amount of milk you have or can produce. Because no pump can mimic a baby's suction! And baby's saliva actually send a signal when in contact with our areola to produce the right amount for the upcoming feedings for baby (which is why I direct latch).

And I have been advocating other new moms to try and DL every night especially midnight so the next day production will be just enough for baby. Trust me, I know because I tandem fed both my boys (just weaned my 4yo this year) and I can tell you that your body is magical; It can regulate and change the milk component to suit according to the age of the child and the quantity they required!

So if you need a good storage bag brand then this is definitely one you can explore for. You can purchase it at :


Use this code SY8OZ05 when you checkout to enjoy 10% off!


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