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Tuesday 17 July 2018

Fruity Hair Shampoo for Children

As a parent of 2 boys, their surge of energy exceeds my understanding! It's something no parenting guide books will tell you about; It's probably also because every child are unique in their own ways.

My sons love to play with each other and against each another. So it's like a tug-o-war, one minute they are nice and the next they aren't. They run, jump, climb, slide (because I bought a slider for them at home) and just have all the fun the universe can gift to them!

After all the fun play times has ended for the day, my kids will be all soaked and sweaty. Sometimes they'll start to smell fishy. So it's no wonder they have to bath daily due to all that activity like their daily exercise routine.

Recently I found this new product from Carrie Junior Kids Shampoo Odour Buster shampoo for children. It's really fruity and fragrant; I like how it cleans my kids hair and rinses dirt away easily. I think most important is that it stays fragrant and clean even after running around the whole day!

This shampoo also has olive oil in it, which helps hair to be more manageable and easier to comb. The Carrie Junior Kids Shampoo Odour Buster comes in a fruity "Perky Peach Fruity Burst", with its pH balanced, mild and gentle for everyday use.

It comes in 2 pack sizes:
280g - RM10.10 WM | RM10.60 EM
700g - RM20.70 WM | RM21.70 EM

And I realized that the fruity burst scent actually lasts up to 24 hours! Even when your kids goes it to play and get all sweaty and sticky, they still smell good! So it's good I came across this shampoo alternative for my kids because, incase you didn't know, it's not recommended to use adult shampoo on kids because of the content in it that may not be suitable for the young ones yet.

It may sometimes lead to hair and scalp issues in the long run and cause sensitive reaction on the skin for your kids. Basically your kids skin should be treated with care and not expose it to too many chemical substances that's not suitable to them. So it's best to find out more about what products you are using and putting on your kids. Better now than never, before it's too late.

Carrie Junior Kids Shampoo Odour Buster is available at all leading retail outlets, hypermarkets, supermarkets and also major pharmacies nationwide. You can go check it out for your kids.

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