Post Event : MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018 - Sebrinah Yeo


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Monday 30 July 2018

Post Event : MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018

Was honoured to be in the presence of the Menteri Besar of Selangor, Yang Berhormat Tuan Amiruddin bin Shari during the officiating launch (on 28th July 2018) of the very first MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018 at MAEPs Serdang!

This will be the first carnival for MATTA Fair Selangor Chapter that is different from their national Matta Fair event that is regularly held at PWTC KL. This Carnival will be a yearly once a year affair that will invite everyone from all walks of life to come and not just grab wonderful bargains and offers from the Carnival but to be able to bring the whole family including your children to explore amazing discounts, offers, prizes, entertainment and feast that this MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018 has to offer!

I personally prefer this type of Carnival because the venue is the key importance, the parking is an abundance! The ease to the venue is very straightforward and you don't have to get stuck in traffic!! What is even better is that you can bring the WHOLE family, including your kids! They have a dedicated area for kids to play which is really really fun and super spacious.

The walkways along the booths are spacious and not as narrow or packed unlike other events or bazaars, you have ample walk space and it gives you more room to browse through every single booth here and offers available!

They even have a food truck fair downstairs the hall where you get to fill your tummy with local cuisines from various states in Malaysia. 

Outside the hall is the Animal Farm booth by MAEPs Agro Tourism Park. Incase you are not aware, this Animal Farm is located within MAEPs Serdang Selangor where you can bring your kids to come and get upclose and personal with the animals and reptiles here.

The Animal Farm and Farm In The City is two different booth ya! Don't be mistaken! Farm In The City was located inside the hall, where they brought their reptiles for you to pet them! It was, hair-standing-cringing moments for me. I bought tickets anyway for my kids haha!

I bought a few holiday packages myself for my family and am definitely looking forward to it! I spent up to RM2355 but I actually saved up to RM776 if I didn't purchase the packages from this MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018! That is ALOT of savings okay... Can buy HAIER Air Fryer already (which I did... lolx)...

If you missed this, fret not, stay tuned to 2019
Don't say I #BoJio #TakAjak #DidntInform wokey?!

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