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Monday 22 February 2010

Weather Forecast - The Worst!!! with alienated fooood...

The weather is so hot! Too hot! Extremely excruciating hot! Every corner you turn to for cool air is filled with an anonymous amount of unlimited HEAT!... Wwwhhhhyyyyy????!!!!

During CNY, friends and colleagues "stuck" on the highway said weather degrees rose up to 38°... Lucky for those with super coooooliiinnggg air-conditioners... Imagine the amount of gas PLUS degree of heat roaming the atmosphere... Yuck...

Experiment of the year!! (Unintentionally....)

Well, to prove the heat of the weather, my family managed to give a good example... Actually my mum left out 2 eggs at the car back seat accidentally... She forgot!! But nevermind that... The following 2 days later, my dad found the egg and then brought it back... GUESS WHAT! It became "hard-boiled egg"!! Imagine the heat! A new way to heat up or cook food? Leave it out under the sun for a few hours and you might get your "hot" food instantly, simple and easy... like magic!

By the way, there might not be any flavor left on your food if you decide to do such things... Because the egg, do not smell like egg anymore... It's like the sun "dried" up the flavor too... Yes! We threw it away... I won't eat that... Even my dog refuse to go near it... Imagine the ultra-violet rays and the kind of chemical types inherited from the sun?! Vitamin - E no more...!

No way I'm eating that!...

Thanks to the super heat and also the lack of "GREEN FOREST" around the world, we are losing OXYGEN! The heat is going to totally burn through the sky one day straight at us, if mankind still don't snap out of it and come back to reality and do something!

The happiest people or organisation that will be happy about this is definitely the ELECTRIC COMPANY! With the amount of air-conditions going on and off non-stop to wear off the heat, OUR electricity bill will definitely shoot up to the sky! (almost...haha =D)

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