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Monday 1 February 2010

Ovi Maps Racing! Fun, Excitement & Customization!

Have had enough with your Ovi Maps Free FOREVER Navigation? Well it's not the end~! Nokia brings you Ovi Maps RACING!

What is it? 
Simple!... Racing....... It's an application where you get to play racing around your work place or home! (Okay, doesn't sounds right the way I put it in...lolx)

It's actually a combination of your ordinary Map Navigation and fun entertaining racing! Its like having installed racing games from Gameloft like Asphalt 4 where the tracks are pre-loaded.

So why is Ovi Map Racing any different? 
Well, it's your very own personal CUSTOMIZABLE tracks! YOU Mastermind your own tracks!
No... This is an application to have fun and excitement with. Never ever take this seriously into "real life"...
Check out the vidz below to really really get what I'm blabbling about (kinda...lolx)

Apologize for the backdated post.... Been busy and "not feeling well" lately... sobs...

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