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Monday 15 February 2010

In the midst of pre-CNY & CNY itself

My pre CNY celebrations...

When you head to One Utama at Damansara Utama in PJ, Malaysia; You'll definitely notice the Chinese New Year atmosphere and the "Ong" environment surrounding in the mall.

Yes, on top of RM15 the "Black Rose ring". I made purchases of New Year's clothes, accessories, bags and shoes for a total of RM750+. If you include shopping for CNY's goodies for my pet "Ah Bi", the total can go up to RM1k++... It's once in a year and this year, I'm celebrating me being single and loving it to the max! (lolx...rofl)

Btw, I bought the Jelly Lens from Gala Gala Home online and it's amazing the effects only for RM50! I just need more practice! Imagine "me" saving cost of upgrading to a digital camera or a DSLR from being mobile savvy all the time! Yes, yes it's true! I can have "almost" near-to similar effects as I can get when using a DSLR with all those bulky and technical equipments (no offence...I'm just not good with camera gadgets apart from mobile)...

Sounds too fake to be real or vice versa? I doubt it... Whatever signs or omens it might be, life still goes on and we should live it up to the max with no regrets! Cheerxx... (hehe)

Finally, food time! The "Yee Sang" is a tradition for us Chinese and I wonder why every Chinese New Year, you always see after-effect of "Yee Sang" time (bits all over the table)... But I had a great time. This "Yee Sang"was with my colleagues aka our "Sau Gong" Dinner (similar to year end company dinner, to refresh and prepare to start for a New Year following the Chinese Calendar) My family reunion dinner is different this time of the year. We had reunion "lunch" instead and we ate outside! No more cooking this year (pure laziness...mmm). We had dinner at Victoria Station!! YUMMY!

With this I wish everyone a Blessed & Prosperous GONG XI FA CAI and Happy Loving Valentines Day!

This number is for everyone to keep!
(Please translate in Cantonese & it is not for any lottery purpose...yikes)

Means : 1314+168 = Forever successful aka Forever Prospering

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