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Thursday 4 February 2010

My Favourite Past Time!

Well... What do you do when you have reports coming in everyday, every week and every month? Not enough time to complete it all and always doing more than you should or more than you were paid for? 

Have you ever had an experience or maybe facing a situation where you, single or not, have been soooooo busy, that going out for a drink or even going out for dinner has become a slight hassle to you and a distraction to your work?

Maybe it's just me but... The things I do, I take it as seriously as much as I can (I'm only 22, I have my limits too~ I'm no Superwoman) Which reminds me, I guess it's just me afterall... I seldom go out once I come back from work. My reports just keeps adding, I keep learning (AND repeating) but yes... Life is full of Ups & Downs...

My favourite past time is something I do to naturally rid stress and replenish the outings I've missed these past few years... Blah... Blah... Blah... 

Past Time Favourites : 
1. Internet Browsing (I need to be online doing reports afterall)
2. Blogging (Starting to love it!)
3. Sing songs (24/7 without fail)
4. Dance (used to infront of a mirror - like practice... but I dance in my head nowadays... Might rec a vid soon hehehehe)
5. Compose Songs (still trying....)
6. Listen to music
7. Playing NDS Lite!
8. Facebook
9. Online chatting
10. Playing Online Games (Currently : Destiny Online & Hello Kitty Online...)

Well, not exactly Top 10 list but.... It's a random list of the Top 10 favs I have...
I only have pictures of NDS and the current game that I'm "oh-so-into" nowadays!

(Ps. These are my only entertainment for the past 1 year and running... That's why I'm so thankful for Nuffnang & SFC for the event I was invited to go to last 16th Jan 2010 >> Click Here << 
AND I was SUPER THRILLED and tired AND BUSY but EXCITED at the Nokia Comes With Music Launch Party with Boys Like Girls! Seeing them up-close & personal... I'm in love... Lolx!!)


  1. sometimes im lazy to go out.. prefer to stay at home.. haha.. browsing the internet sounds like a favourite past time for many.. =)

  2. hehe, well I agree on the "lazy" part lolx... I guess browsing internet is becoming part of our life nowadays... could it be something that nurtures the young and activates the mind of the old? :P


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