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Sunday 7 March 2010

N900 and MAEMO on the move!

Yes, you heard it! "The" Nokia N900 and MAEMO (u know what is it?)! Well anough talk, here's a sneak preview image of it!

Cool and sophisticatedly designed for more than just mobile and more than just technology! For me, this is definitely the "next step" in mobile industry!
 This is a Linux-based MAEMO software that takes us into a new era of mobile computing designed with the internet at its core. (something like "Windows Mobile" but better because it is fit for mobile! If you want "windows" go get a computer instead... lolx)

 Plus, it's not a mere mobile computing device. It's the best internet solution via mobile! Great for bloggers alike and internet savvy people. Apart from the size, it is the best by far mobile computer I've ever seen and experienced before!
Applications available from MAEMO Community! At your own risk though, it's still 3rd party from "Publishers". But Ovi still has it going!

Bounce Evolution... Cool graphics! Amazing gameplay! Innovative and interactive UI!
A new feel and a new experience in gaming. (can throw PS3 away... lolx kidding haha)
Here's a brief specs found on the net @MAEMO Select.

Special recommendation : "Angry Birds" gaming really makes you get angry! Especially when the bird keeps laughing at you when you miss the hit! (lolx)
Great User Interface (UI)

4 Homescreen to be personalized to your taste! What more can you ask for?!
Here's one of the Video Promo I found via YouTube! Enjoy the excitingly cool remix of the N900 and all things technologically mobile!


WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! Get yours today!
Nokia Malaysia Pre-Order

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