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Friday 26 March 2010

Love World Love Sloggi

My Favourite "Habit"

Yes, it's true. Common knowledge says having a "habit" is something negative most times but not necessarily. As individuals, we have our good points that can be bad points to another individual alike.
This is my motto "Never Judge A Book By It's Covers". Everyone is different and special in their own ways. But bring together a crowd and you can definitely make a difference. (Especially for the environment!)


Thanks to "Sloggi" with their brand new eco-friendly range where lingerie is made out of recycled materials It's great to have comfort, security, quality, excellence and a wide range of choice for everyone to choose. We not only satisfy our desires (on colours, type, design & etc etc...hehe), however, we get a chance to take part in saving the environment that God has blessed us with.
My favourite "habit" is... Whenever I'm driving (shhh... don't report me... =P) or whatever it is I'm am doing outdoors, I'll never miss the chance to look "up" the sky... It's true that looking out at a field that's covered in all nature greenery will help ease stress (thanks to the amount of oxygen from plants). 
Yet, for me it's slightly different; I love the clouds, the sun, when and where the sun sets, the shapes and sizes of the clouds and just about anything with these natural wonders up above us! It's like watching heaven in "full focus"! Of course, with my year long best pal "my" Nokia N85 with is amazing 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens and the OLED display, snapping images of those "Must Have" sceneries are the best!!
(Ps. I snap them everywhere and at anytime, with any chance I manage to find - even when driving *Warning : Not a good example*... But I can't help it.......)
Enjoy my collection! Cheerx...!

To wrap it up; These are my strong feelings of what I love most about the world "Our" world! Which is why I love Sloggi too! Their quality of the material are as silky smooth and soft as the clouds you see in the images I've capture!

Thank You Sloggi! Thank You Nuffnang!
So what are YOU waiting for?! Come on, BLOG about this! Sharing is caring! (hehe... see ya =D)

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