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Monday 9 December 2019

KidZania Official Partnership With BFM 89.9

Bringing my kids to KidZania Kuala Lumpur is my most greatest joy. Because I get to watch my kids learn life and explore new adventures and watch them grow.

Although there are some establishments that I am unable to see my kids participate because they have yet to reach the appropriate age limit or height limit yet. And one of them is the radio announcer. Because my son just started learning how to read this year.

Today officiates the official partnership between KidZania Kuala Lumpur and BFM 89.9 radio station. And with this partnership, many may wonder, what benefit can they bring to our children?

I must say I am more than impressed because, being a radio announcer is not easy and it takes alot of skills to be a great one! Hence, watching the live demonstration today on this new establishment really opened my eyes to this job scope for my kids.

I like how the program is conducted to teach our children how to read from the script on the screen infront. It allows our children to build their courage to speak into the microphone and to read out the words on the screen and interact with another person. 

It is done like an interview and interviewee, social interaction where several parties take turns to ask questions and answer them appropriately. It teaches children to take turns and also to step up and lead the conversation when it's their turn. It also helps to improve their reading skills and pronunciation skill at the same time.

It was a good eye-opener session as you can view in the video above. There's just so much kids can learn these days and this is just one of the most important social skills that will surely benefit children these days!

Come to KidZania to allow your child to Learn Life and Explore today!

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