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Saturday 14 December 2019

Ceradan Hydra, Wash & Diaper Cream - Malaysia

A known brand of many parents out there who will definitely come across this brand Ceradan. It has been around for many years as a safe dermatologist tested, skincare brand that's locally available at your nearest pharmacies. Recently, I found that they actually have a range dedicated for babies and I just had to explore further on it. Because coming from a brand that is known for many years, there is a sense of reputation that is worthy of value that is worth mentioning. And I was right!

Ceradan has these variety of product that actually stand out from its competitors. With clinical studies done and dermatology tested; Ceradan actually emphasizes on balancing the skin's pH not just only on babies but even adults too. Because it specifically targets sensitive skin and especially skin with autoimmune disorders.

It's key ingredient consists of Ceramide with its 3:1:1 ratio, that helps assist in skin disorders to soothe or improve the condition of the skin. Because when our hormones change due to many factors like aging, environment or even diet, that is where our skin barrier gets affected somehow. Ceradan works to provide Ceramide back to our skin barrier that acts as a protective layer for skin inflammation. It is also because we have loss a certain percentage of Ceramide in our skin that actually causes all sorts of skin issue to occur.

Ceradan Body Wash that is suitable for babies is a very mild and creamy wash that is very gentle on baby skin. It helps prevent itch as well.

Ceradan Hydra cream used after baby's bath, is the best combination to have to soothe a baby's skin and you can also massage baby while applying the cream as well. Because of the good absorption into baby's skin, it helps to keep skin healthy, protected, hydrated and helps reduce any inflammation.

Ceradan Diaper Cream is a more premium product, that I feel is worth getting a few on hand, for home and on-the-go in the diaper bag. Because of its Ceramide 3:1:1 ratio and premium formulation; I like that it is easy to spread across baby's delicate skin, especially during diaper change. And when it comes to diaper change, baby nappy rash is one thing every parent will try to prevent.

If you have yet to see a baby's skin weeping from nappy rash then you can Google the images. But it is heartbroken to see your baby's skin red and skin peeling. And diapers are something that you can't avoid or you can't choose not to wear diapers for them. Even if you were to go eco-friendly and switch to napkins, the outcome can still be the same. This is because baby's poo and pee actually gets trap and easily breeds bacteria even if left for a short while. But thankfully, since using Ceradan Diaper Cream, I find it easy to spread it on my baby while changing her diapers and it really keeps her private area clean and dry and no longer inflamed.

I bet she feels comfortable too because I tried other diaper creams before and some textures were too oily, some too balm-y, some too sticky afterwards and some is so hard to spread over the skin. Using this actually feels so much convenient and easier to apply. Best of all, there is no leftover sticky residue and is breathable! Cos I've experienced using other brand x diaper creams, during the next diaper change, the skin beneath the cream is still inflamed but this never happened with Ceradan. In fact, the skin was very smooth and free from inflammation or rashes immediately at the next diaper change when I started using Ceradan for my baby. Therefore, I really recommend parents out there if you are looking for a good product for your lil loved ones, then this brand is worth checking out at your nearest local pharmacies.

Ceradan Diaper Cream is only available in Caring Pharmacies nationwide.

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